• What is split?

    Today, almost every day you can hear about the appearance of any miracles of science and technology. Progress does not stand still. It covers all spheres of human activity.

    The great and mighty Russian language is no exception. The vocabulary of a nation is growing in direct proportion to the emergence of new terms and concepts. And it is enriched in part by borrowing the most widely used words or phrases from other languages.

    The word "split" just came to us from the English language, in which many words have several meanings at once. Therefore, it is almost impossible to unequivocally answer the question of what split is.

    Meaning of the word "split"

    Split in translation means "split, split." In the cafe you can order a banana split (ice cream served in a banana cut in half). Split tongue (tongue is cut lengthwise into two parts) you can make a beautician. You can record a musical split (an album with two performers), etc.

    But most often the word split is used as a technical term (split - system) or as financial (split shares, reverse split shares).

    What is split - system

    Split - the system is an air conditioner, but it consists of two blocks.Indoor unit split - system is in the room. Depending on the location, the internal blocks are divided into

    • wall mounted;
    • subceiling;
    • channel;
    • cassette;
    • column.

    The outdoor unit is split - systems are hung on the outer wall of the room in which the air conditioner is installed. Between themselves, the indoor and outdoor units are connected by means of copper pipes (through which freon circulates) and an electrical cable.

    Recently, so-called inverter split - systems have become very popular among domestic consumers.

    What is an inverter split - systems

    The design of the inverter split system includes a device that extends the service life of the air conditioner by 30-50%. This miracle device is called an inverter. By modulating the power of the compressor, the inverter allows it to work continuously and smoothly, which, in turn, also leads to significant energy savings (35%).

    Due to the fact that the inverter air conditioner does not turn off periodically as usual, and when the set room temperature is reached, it gradually reduces power and runs at low speeds, it is virtually silent.Therefore, despite the higher cost, inverter split - systems today are in great demand than conventional ones.

    What is split shares

    Very often the word "split" can be heard also from businessmen. Split shares or company stock split is used to attract additional investors. Shares of the company are issued more, but at a lower cost. As a result, the company's market capitalization (the total value of all shares) does not change when the shares are split. But due to cheaper stocks, they become available for purchase by private investors.

    Every day the words that, like the word "split", migrated to the Russian language from other languages, it is becoming more and more. And this is quite a normal process, given the close cooperation and partnership of different countries in various areas of the national economy. We, however, need to try to keep up with the times and maintain our education at the right level.

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