• What is the amount of child support?

    Irina Fateeva
    Irina Fateeva
    April 10, 2013
    What is the amount of child support?

    After a divorce, many parents inevitably ask what amount of child support will be paid to the child. If we consider the calculation of the general rule, it depends on the number of children who were born in marriage.

    Amount of support

    • In the case when one child grows in a family, the amount of alimony may be approximately one quarter of the parent's cash income. If the family already has two children, the amount increases to one third of the money allowance. If during the marriage relations in a family three children and more were born, then it is necessary to allocate at least half of the wage of the parent for their upbringing. Of course, in order to correctly calculate the amount of alimony in each particular case, it is necessary to consider its own peculiarities of calculating the amount.
    • If a person does not have a permanent job, then how much alimony does the unemployed pay? Unemployed parents sometimes receive considerable income, especially if they work without an entry in the workbook.If the unemployed person has a certain amount of income, then the alimony in this case must have a fixed amount. In this case, the recovery of alimony in a fixed amount can be made only in court. Such a decision contributes to the guarantee of obtaining a fixed amount of money, despite the total amount of income of the alimony.

    How to calculate the amount

    The most pressing issue during any divorce is the calculation of cash benefits for a child. If the amount of child support for a child is calculated based on the relevant articles of the family code, then the amount of money for the maintenance of an incapacitated spouse or parents is much more difficult to calculate.

    In this case, the court will have to take into account the material condition of both the applicant and the defendant in the proceedings, as well as a huge number of circumstances that directly or indirectly affect the outcome of the proceedings. Today, you can calculate the amount yourself using the most common child support calculator. You can find it on the Internet. In order to use them, you must fill out the appropriate form and in a few seconds the program will provide you with the answer.

    However, many parents wonder what the minimum amount of alimony is paid in accordance with the law. Since 2013, a fixed minimum amount of alimony has been established at 1,200 rubles. Of course, it is not enough to support the child during the whole month, but the Legislator approved her.

    If you do not know how much alimony is withheld, then we hasten to inform you that, with everything, minus income tax. Thus, it is impossible to bypass the law and avoid paying child support.

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