• What is the dream of the village?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    February 24, 2015
    What is the dream of the village?

    Having seen a village in a dream, it is worth trying to understand what the dream foretells. Consider the dream of the village, turn to different dream books.

    Dream dream Hasse

    If in a dream the village was burning, then in real life you will find well-being. If you saw it in decline, then hard times will come. To dream of a peaceful and measured life in a village leads to peace of mind in personal affairs.

    Dream interpretation of Simon Canaanite

    If in a dream you lived in a village and were engaged in housekeeping, it means that in real life you will start a good business, thanks to which you will help people and improve your well-being. If others were engaged in housekeeping, then soon you will fall a great chance to change your life. They should definitely use it, otherwise it will be difficult for you. If in a dream you came to the village in autumn or summer, then you will be able to reach great heights.

    Dream Avadiaeva

    To dream of a snow-covered village - to the sadness associated with the loss of work. If it was abandoned, then very soon a losing streak will begin in your life.To dream of your native village - to unexpected positive events.

    Dream Miller

    If you came to an unfamiliar village in a dream, then in real life you will find a lot of trouble associated with organizing a celebration. To see how its inhabitants are maliciously disposed towards you, - to a meeting with long-time acquaintances. It can be fateful for you if you do not refuse to accept their offer of cooperation. If the village was on fire, then in real life you should expect to get a good profit. To see in a dream how it is demolished, - to a long journey.

    Dream interpretation of Nostradamus

    If in a dream you came to the village for a celebration, then wait for the arrival of an important person. To see a funeral procession enter the village, - to receive good news from close relatives.

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