• What is the dream of the father?

    Natalia Gredyushko
    Natalia Gredyushko
    August 14, 2012
    What is the dream of the father?

    According to Christian belief, it is wrong to trust dreams and their interpretations. Fate gives us trials, but the final outcome depends on us, and any interpretation of a dream gives only a possible scenario. Remember this.

    And now let's find out why the father is dreaming. In the book of Denise Lynn, the father can be a symbol of the Heavenly Father or the breadwinner, the protector and mean that you need a protector or in some other way must be prevented from danger, trouble.

    In Maya’s dream book, the father he sees (if he is still alive) may mean that someone is worried about you. Find out what dreams of a deceased father, will also help the dream book Maya. Such a dream symbolizes some actions on your part, the consequences of which can harm the quiet life of another person. The deceased father, who dreamed of a young girl (according to the New Family Dream Book), means that her lover is deceiving her or is only going to do it.

    But if a girl sees both her father and mother together (living), then this heralds a happy marriage. For the rest of the category, to dream of parents is to luck.A father talking to you - to the near happiness, but if he is silent, sick or dead - this is to trouble, according to the interpretation of dreams according to Sonnik Tsvetkov.

    To see a surprised father in a dream is connected with feelings, contradictions, authority and power. The symbolism is such that a parent surprised in a dream means any unresolved issues, but which ones will help clarify other elements of the dream that has been seen.

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