• What is the iPhone 6 (iPhone 6)?

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    What is the iPhone 6 (iPhone 6)?

    Initially, Apple released hand-assembled computers, but with the development of technological progress and computer and mobile technologies in 2007, the corporation released the first phone of its own production - the iPhone. The idea of ​​the new product proposed by Steve Jobs was to combine a computer, cell phone, music player and camera in one device. For more information about the history of the brand and its ascent to the global IT-Olympus, see our article How the iPhone (iPhone) looks.

    Key Features of the iPhone 6

    In the fall of 2014, Apple released a new iPhone model - the iPhone 6. Let's see what this phone model looks like and how it differs from the previous ones.

    1. The main feature of the model is the thickness of the smartphone, which is less than 7 mm
    2. The phone is equipped with extended memory - 128 GBiPhone 6
    3. The large screen is 4.7 inches, but the pixel density is the same (as on all iPhone 5 models) - 1334x750 pixels per inch.
    4. If we talk about the iPhone 6 design, then the views of the owners are somewhat divided: someone prefers the rounded edges of the smartphone (similar to the design of the iPod touch of the last generation), and someone was disappointed with this design decision.
    5. Also from the innovations of the appearance of the phone - plastic strips, inserts on the body, designed to eliminate problems with cellular communication. Despite the fact that they are identical in color to the color of the phone itself, the strips are striking, and some attribute this element to newiPhone 6models are more likely to minuses than to the pluses of visual innovations.
    6. The protruding camera of the iPhone 6, judging by the reviews, is perceived rather as a minus of the new model.
    7. The buttons and connectors on the body of the smartphone are identical in layout to all iPhone 5 models, but there is a difference in shape. The power button is now located on the right side, and not at the top, the button itself is not straight, like the iPhone 5s, but slightly curved
    8. Unlike the iPhone 5s, the new model creates the illusion that the screen is closer to us due to rounding around the edges of the case.iPhone 6
    9. The screen of the new model is noticeably darker, unlike previous models, and there is no gap between the outer glass and the inner surface.
    10. The new iPhone comes with iOS 8 operating system with major innovations in the functioning of the iPhone OS. For example, messages are supplemented by the possibility of video messages. In iOS, the iPhone 6 is an innovation, as long as it is available only to this iPhone model, the horizontal mode of the main screen.
    11. Battery capacity has increased in comparison with the 5s model.
    12. The equipment of the cameras is identical to the models 5 and 5s - 8 megapixels, however, the iPhone 6 is equipped with a number of new possibilities for working with the camera and photos.

    In conclusion, I would like to note that nothing super-revolutionary in the new model of iPhoneiPhone 6from Apple is not. However, many have noticed one interesting feature of the new model: the smartphone bends slightly. This fact is more troubling than delight. Perhaps now, in connection with this, Apple is correcting the design of the new smartphone.

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