• What is the mechanism?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    January 27, 2015
    What is the mechanism?

    Our whole life consists of mechanisms. They are used everywhere. But it is worth figuring out what a mechanism is and where it is used. Thanks to the mechanism of the machine, the device or the device can perform the action programmed for it. Using the mechanism, you can determine the order of actions that the device or system must perform.

    Meaning of the word

    From the Greek language, the word “mechanism” literally translates as “machine” and implies a device that is inside any apparatus and brings it into action. For example, examples of the most common mechanisms are gearboxes, electric motors, or pumps. The basic principle of these mechanisms is energy conversion and motion transmission.

    Thanks to mechanical devices, it is possible not only to increase work productivity, but also to facilitate work.

    In addition, the word "mechanism" means a device that can determine the order of action of some type of activity.For example, such a definition may have the concept of a state mechanism or a memory mechanism.

    The term “mechanism” also means a set of specific processes of which a phenomenon can be composed — physiological, chemical, or physical. For example, such a term can be called the mechanism of blood circulation.

    The word “mechanism” can also have a philosophical meaning, in this case the whole diversity of being comes down to simple laws of mechanics.

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