• What is the most readable?

    Nowadays, people still love to read and are ready to purchase new items and bestsellers offered by book publishers. To help readers better navigate the book variety, we offer to get acquainted with what is the most readable today, because, as we know, books also have a fashion.

    Bestseller rating

    1. One of the leaders of the rating is Zakhar Prilepin’s newest novel “Convent”. The novel is set in a special-purpose camp in Solovki. The author tells about the life and life of imprisoned counterrevolutionaries. It also very clearly shows all the differences and ambiguities between prisoners and their supervisors. The novel describes only a few months from the life of the prisoners, but in this short time it contained a lot of events and even a love story.
    2. Another leader of our improvised rating is the two books of the Russian Canary family story by Dina Rubina. The main character of the book is Leon Ettinger, who throughout history goes from childhood to adulthood and becomes an opera singer.But fate decreed that he would have to combine the operatic stage with the work of an agent of the antiterrorist unit of one of the special services.
    3. What is the best-selling book rating without a novel for teens? So in our case we are surely included in the list of the most widely read books by John Green's “Blame the Stars”. This is a life-affirming story about two mortally ill adolescents, about their love. Although the book is considered to be teenage, even more adult readers will find a lot for themselves here. If you want to know what else teens prefer, read the article What do teens read.
    4. Fans of stories gave their preference to Victoria Tokareva and her collection "Bastards, too sorry." In the collection, the writer describes the uneasy and ambiguous world of cordial relations, without taking anyone’s side and trying to describe all the actions from the point of view of those who made them.
    5. Readers do not cease to be interested in classics. Especially popular is the “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez and “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. In addition to classic works written in the article What to read from the classics.
    6. Love prose continues to be popular among readers. Recently, a lot of mixed reviews can be heard about the new novel by Erica James "50 shades of gray." The novel, which is richly decorated with erotic scenes, is about the uneasy relationship of a young girl and her teacher.
    7. Another representative of the genre of love novels is the eternal story of a prince and Cinderella, but in a more modern interpretation, written by Jojo Moyes under the title One Plus One. Cinderella is a single mother who works several jobs to provide for herself and the children. Prince - a successful employee of the IT industry.
    8. Boris Akunin again did not disappoint his loyal fans. His next book, the popular series Love of History, was published under the title The Most Mysterious Secret and Other Plots. Here the writer is trying in every way to instill a love of history to his readers, making it not only informative, but also fascinating.
    9. Suddenly, one of the most readable was the Gothic novel, which came out from the pen of Diane Setterfield, Bellman and Black, or a Stranger in Black. The story that every even the most insignificant event in our life has an indelible influence on our future.This event for the main character was the killing of a rook from a slingshot as a child, this incident mysteriously influences the whole future life of the hero. And then, according to all the laws of the genre, there is a meeting with a mysterious man in black at exactly midnight in a deserted cemetery.

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