• What is the power of love?

    In our time, humanity noticeably devalues ​​love, like everything else. Children are not born at all from a great feeling, but by ridiculous chance. Making love is equated with banal animal weakness. What's wrong with us ?! But what about purity and loyalty? But what about sincerity? Where is all now?

    The great power of love is now available only on the pages of books written long before our birth. How many children are thrown into the street! But what about the power of maternal love? Where's she? Even animals possess it. They protect their cubs from everything in the world. They die to save parts of themselves. We are people. What is with us? How to explain to your children what is the power of love, if in our time there is simply no place for it?

    During wars and battles, soldiers went to fight for the Motherland, for the love of their country. They fought for her. They truly loved. The great power of love won more than one battle, saved millions of lives. After all, it was she who gave hope, was the foundation of faith. They went under the bullets with the faith in the soul that they gave to those who loved them.

    What now? Self-love flooded this world.True love is almost never met. And it is so different. Unrequited love has always given strength to move mountains. People changed for the better, sought to be smarter, more worthy, more perfect. They moved the great power of love. And how many masterpieces of art were created under her influence. Frances Petrarch wrote for 21 years the sonnets of his unrequited love. He was not even acquainted with her. But thanks to the great power of love created masterpieces of literature.

    Now no one will answer the question, what is the power of love, simply because they did not feel real feelings. Humanity does not see this problem, it does not recognize it. It becomes scary what will happen next. Children who grew up without maternal love. People who live with each other at the call of the flesh.

    Teenagers deprive themselves of childhood. They start playing adult games earlier and earlier. That is what destroys love. Indeed, in the 15-16 years, our kids are already hardened by life. But is it possible to present pure, precisely that love that gives strength, to build on experience and debauchery? Of course not - the soul becomes coarse and becomes dead.

    Having overcome a long path of evolution, mankind is confidently moving into the abyss. There is a depreciation of love in every sense.Cease to read father and mother. Hatred for one’s own country is growing in proportion to indifference. The virtual world completely replaces the real one. Where to take the very power of love? She disappears. We destroy it from our hearts.

    How to return the great power of love in our lives? The answer is simple. Stop destroying yourself and the nature that gave us life. Open your soul and heart. Do gratuitous deeds to strangers. To love not only yourself, but also those around you. Grow your children in love and affection. Give a piece of yourself. To set an example of true love, precisely the one that gives strength.

    As in any era, modern man is unhappy and weak when he does not love and do not love. After all, love gives strength, the desire to live, create, achieve goals. I really want to believe that we will think again and understand what we are losing. Sooner or later, mental weakness will reach an extreme point. After it will be impossible to return.

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