• What is tragedy?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    February 5, 2015
    What is tragedy?

    The word “tragedy” is obliged by its origin to the ancient Greek theater and literally means “goat song”. But often this word is used without reference to a theatrical production, and to describe very real events it is used in a figurative sense. Let us talk further about what tragedy is and what meanings this word has.

    What is tragedy: the definition

    In the classical understanding of the tragedy in relation to theater or literature, we are dealing with a dramatic genre that describes a tense and insoluble collision, a personal or social disaster, the result of which, as a rule, is the death of the protagonist. Going beyond the theatrical genre, sometimes the tragedy is called the very performances and performances of such content.

    Values ​​of the tragedy

    Often the plots and pictures that come to the stage of the theater reflect the events taking place in real life. The language used in life penetrates the theater and vice versa.So the tragedy, being a genre depicting human conflicts and sufferings on the stage, found its place in the not theatrical life anymore. Therefore, the media or other sources of information often use the word “tragedy” in a figurative sense, which can express the following:

    • terrible event;
    • anxiety, state, hopeless situation, which can lead to death.

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