• What is useful for a child?

    All parents try their best to take care of their children, but, unfortunately, they do not always succeed, and in most cases, through ignorance. For example, many parents do not know what foods will be beneficial for their child in infancy, and consumption of which should be avoided. The same goes for developing toys. So, what is useful for a child at different ages?

    Breast children

    An infant is a human being who was just born, in which in the first year of life the digestive system is formed. Therefore, his food should be as safe and healthy as possible. Do not eat baby food products that are useful for adults, because for a child the perfect food - breast milk. Almost from the first days of the baby’s life, he can be given a small amount of juice - first apple and cherry, then, when the baby reaches two months, you can start making carrot and plum juices, beets and pomegranate. At the same age, you can give and fresh apricot juice.Please note that all juices should be prepared from fresh berries and fruits, in no case, not brought from abroad, because such berries and fruits are specially processed using chemicals. They are very hard to wash off the surface of the fetus. Therefore, try to give infants juices from seasonal fruits, for example, in winter it can be carrot and pomegranate juice, and in summer - apricot and plum.

    In addition to juices in the first year of life, babies should eat vegetable and meat purees. Fish in the diet of the child is administered very carefully, because, despite the fact that all seafood is healthy foods for children, fish can cause allergies. The same phenomenon is possible after a child takes citrus or strawberry juice. All products that are used to make homemade baby food are exceptionally fresh, by no means frozen. Much attention is paid to the method of cooking - it is desirable to cook it in a double boiler, which retains the maximum amount of useful substances in products. All recommendations on the correct feeding of the baby, can be obtained from the pediatrician, so do not hesitate to consult with this specialist.

    As for the first toys of the child, they must be processed, and not only before they fall into the hands of the baby for the first time, but regularly. Children are all rattles, which should be bright and attract the attention of the child, pulled into the mouth, and in time the untreated toy with soda solution will lead to the appearance of stomatitis, infections that do not contribute to the proper development and growth of teeth.

    Junior preschoolers and schoolchildren

    Children who are going to go to the garden or attend it require special attention from the parents not only regarding nutrition, but also development. At this age, the creative inclinations of the child are manifested - parents can select useful games for children that they are interested in. For example, if a child is actively interested in creativity, then he needs to purchase a special set for creativity. At this age, let the children play with the mosaic and the designer, teach them to assemble puzzles and acquire other games that contribute to the development of logical thinking. All the small parts that take part in the game contribute to the development of fine motor skills, because the baby’s fingers have nerve endings that are responsible for the mental development of the child.

    Food for children of preschool age should be much more diverse than infants. It necessarily contains such healthy cereals for children as buckwheat and oatmeal. These cereals are easy for children to absorb, and moreover, they contain a large amount of vitamins necessary for the growth and development of preschool children. Most of the day children spend in the kindergarten, where they have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but this does not mean that the parents should not pay attention to the food products that are given to their child in preschool. In the child's home ration, juices are surely present, but not purchased, but cooked on their own, cottage cheese and dairy products, fruits and all sorts of berries, such as raspberries and black currants, as well as vegetables.

    Children of middle school level

    In children of secondary school age, the body begins preparing for adolescence. For the normal development of the skeleton, you need the use of fish and seafood, extremely useful cottage cheese, and, of course, fruit. Without these products, about any success in school, there can be no question, since they have a direct impact on human mental activity.Be sure to in the diet of the student should be foods rich in vitamin C, which is opposed to infectious diseases. Do not forget about cereals, which can be prepared both in milk and in water, serving them as a side dish.

    Eating meat products is also extremely important for schoolchildren, as it contains animal fats that cannot be obtained from vegetables and fruits. Such useful food for children as fatty fish, such as salmon, can replace meat, and at the same time, bring more benefits to the children's body. The nutritional product for the student is the game, and even the pollock roe, which is inexpensive, will give the student the body the necessary trace elements. Children are recommended to give bread coarsely ground, and many nutritionists say that a breakfast sandwich with butter and caviar will provide energy for the whole day.

    What are useful toys for school-age children can be purchased in the store? A lot of educational games created for children of middle age - in most cases, these are board games.

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