• In this article we will discuss technologies that allow you to build an individual network of computers, independent of the Internet. Let's talk about this in more detail. So:

    What is VPN?

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network - a virtual private network. These technologies allow you to provide one or more network connections. Such connections work on top of other networks, such as the Internet. The level of trust in the VPN does not depend on the level of trust in the global network. Being the creator of one of the VPN, you can use a variety of data protection systems. Thus, the creation of a private network is beneficial to those who want to transfer information from one computer to another, while knowing that the data is protected much better than using the Internet. What is included in the arsenal of VPN security systems? Various means of cryptography, such as encryption, authentication, public key infrastructure, means to protect against repetition and changes transmitted over the network messages.

    In VPN connections, it is customary to distinguish several types of these compounds:

    • Node node
    • Host network
    • Network-network

    It should be noted that the level of security and anonymity of VPNs depends on how it is implemented and configured. A high level of confidentiality can be achieved with the help of special software and its correct implementation. VPN settings allow users to achieve complete anonymity in the virtual space.

    Let's talk a little about the structure of the VPN. It consists of two levels. The first level is called the "internal network". There may be several such networks. The second level is the "external network". On it passes the connection of all internal. As a rule, the Internet is used for the connection. It is possible to connect a remote user to a virtual network. For this purpose, a special server is used, which is connected to both internal and external networks. In order to connect to a virtual network, a computer needs to go through several processes. Only after the successful completion of the identification and authentication processes, the user will be able to go through the authorization process. Authorization, in turn, allows you to gain full access to network capabilities.

    This is what a VPN is.Let's summarize a little. VPN allows us to create a virtual network. The expression "virtual network" requires special attention. In fact, computers that are connected to one of these virtual networks are not connected to each other in the same way as with a local connection. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish two types of these relationships. VPN is different from local connection. However, all the properties of the local network can be observed in the VPN technology. What is convenient VPN? You can create your own “local” virtual network from several computers that may be located in different parts of the world. It should, however, be noted that a virtual network is possible only with an Internet connection.

    New technologies require new solutions every day. Sometimes, on the contrary, a new idea requires the timely development of fresh technologies. In the world of ideas and progress, all this becomes possible thanks to those people who bring their ideas and fantasies to life.

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