• What is Zinc Ointment for?

    December 6, 2012
    What is Zinc Ointment for?

    Someone buys modern expensive means, and someone uses proven drugs for years. And why overpay, because the majority of modern imported funds are based on the same components as our domestic ones. Only the packaging is beautiful, the company is known and the price for all this is appropriate. We will talk about the efficacy of simple zinc ointment, for which zinc ointment is used and how it is applied.

    Action of zinc ointment

    Pharmacodynamics (in other words, the effect) of zinc ointment is manifested in the anti-inflammatory action of a local nature. This is an antiseptic ointment that has a binding, drying and adsorbing (absorbing its surface) effect.

    When applied to affected areas, zinc ointment reduces inflammation and irritation, reduces exudation (wetting of wounds, the release of fluid from them). Ointment creates a protective barrier against irritants, the harmful effects of the external environment.

    Zinc ointment indications

    Zinc ointment for newborns is simply necessary, as it is prescribed for the so-called "diaper" dermatitis, which occurs during prolonged contact of the delicate skin of a child with wet diapers.

    Also, indications for the use of zinc ointment will be other dermatitis, diaper rash, burns and superficial wounds (especially weeping), various ulcerative skin lesions, herpes, exacerbated eczema, streptoderma.

    Useful zinc ointment for the face, in the presence of pimples, which many people like to squeeze out. Usually after extrusion, the pimple becomes wet (a clear liquid is released). Apply the ointment directly on the pimple, a protective layer of ointment will allow you to disinfect the wound and relieve inflammation.

    Usually, zinc ointment is applied with a thin layer to the affected skin, about 4-6 times a day. Course treatment lasts a month.

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