• What movie to watch with a guy?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    May 22, 2012
    What movie to watch with a guy?

    The best thing about the question is which movie to watch with a guy, focus on the preferences of both. If your chosen one does not resist, you can choose a romantic genre - to refresh the feelings between you. Or the drama to get to know each other closer and see the reaction of a loved one in life situations. But the best option that will not strain both is, of course, comedy.

    From romance suit such films as:

    • “What Dreams May Come” - the picture is pretty well filmed and touching in its nature;
    • “Intuition” is a romantic film that gives reason to reflect on high feelings and see the relationship of people in one-sided love;
    • "P.S. I love you". The entire film shows one person’s love for another, even after death.
    • "If only". He conveys the story of boundless love, for which he is ready to do anything.
    • "Diary of member". A love story that began with a light novel and after many years grew into a great feeling of “love”.
    • "City of Angels".A touching melodrama about mutual feelings between the angel and the man.

    Also, such film masterpieces as “Titanic”, “Ghost”, “Gone With the Wind”, “Autumn in New York”, “Sweet November” and “Amelie” deserve attention.

    Below is a list of comedy films that you can watch with a guy:

    • "So-so vacation" - easy comedy with Travolta and Robi Williams about family values.
    • “Marly and I” - a romantic comedy will amuse and make you think about the relationship between loved ones.
    • "Sex and the City". This movie will appeal to both girls and boys. Since gathered in itself great actors and funny adventures of their heroes.
    • "What do women desire". This light film can be reviewed many times and laugh well with your loved one.

    Do not forget about comedy films: "Jack and Jill", "Office Romance", "Pink Panther", "Hipsters" and "Bachelor Party in Vegas".

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