• What orthopedic mattresses are better?

    Irina Vashchenko
    Irina Vashchenko
    January 27, 2015
    What orthopedic mattresses are better?

    An orthopedic mattress is a very necessary and very useful thing. It is this mattress due to its special design that provides an anatomically correct position of the human body. Having come to the store for an orthopedic mattress, many people are lost, since the range is quite wide and varied. This confusion is quite understandable - everyone wants to buy the best orthopedic mattress, but not everyone knows how to choose it.

    Which orthopedic mattress is better to choose

    Pay attention to the characteristics of the mattress:

    • design;
    • degree of rigidity;
    • the composition of the filler.

    Mattress construction

    Depending on the design features, all orthopedic mattresses are divided into:

    • spring;
    • springless.

    Spring mattresses are further divided into:

    • mattresses with the so-called dependent system of springs - in them the springs intertwine with each other in a special way and thereby unite into a single system;
    • mattresses with independent springs - in them the springs are placed in separate rows, close to each other, with each spring packed in an individual cloth cover.

    The design of springless mattresses is made up of one-piece or stacked blocks made of materials with high elasticity (natural or artificial foam latex, coconut coir, or special polymeric foam).

    What mattresses are better

    It is impossible to say unequivocally which orthopedic mattresses are better - springless or spring ones, both of which have their merits.

    • If you have osteochondrosis, you need a very hard mattress. In this case, buy springless mattress filled with coconut coir.
    • Medium-priced mattresses of the middle price category include springless mattresses filled with artificial latex and spring mattresses with a dependent spring system (the most common of these are mattresses with a Bonnel-type spring design). The lack of these mattresses - the so-called "hammock effect" - under a large load, they bend in the center and therefore do not quite qualitatively perform their main function. Such mattresses are suitable for healthy people with normal or low weight.
    • More expensive mattresses - springless mattresses from whole blocks of natural latex or from polymer foam "memoriform". They support the human body well during sleep and do not creak. These mattresses are durable, hypoallergenic and can be recommended to almost everyone.
    • The most expensive and most comfortable - mattresses with independent springs. These spring mattresses perfectly support the body and at the same time obediently follow its contours. These mattresses are very durable - their service life is much longer than that of other types of mattresses.

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