• What are perfumes?

    In the article we will give you a detailed classification of perfume fragrances. You will learn what perfume is, but first we will talk a little about the principles of this classification.

    Perfume selection

    It would seem, how can one describe and, moreover, classify such an ephemeral thing as aroma? However, there is no doubt that spirits are unique and diverse - just like a person’s character. This is their secret. Otherwise, how to explain that almost every woman simply can not imagine life without a certain flavor? Yes, and men who prefer perfume, and more specifically - these or other varieties, it is becoming more and more. The choice of perfume, that is, one or another perfume composition, the process is quite complicated. Here it is necessary to take into account many different details. In addition, not only the tastes of certain potential consumers, but also fashion play an important role here. That is why many perfumery shops today are hired by professional consultants who are able to give practical advice on the selection of fragrance in accordance with the wishes of the buyer and his image. But it is in Europe.We have so far decided to choose their own suitable perfume. And it is here that will help you our classification of flavors.

    What are the spirits

    Despite all the difficulties, including the subjective perception of certain smells by people, there are several types of fragrance classifications. Moreover: some companies that have long been working in the market of perfumery products create their own classifications. There are classifications that were created from a historical and theoretical point of view. They are interesting only to a narrow circle of professional perfumers, and we will not dwell on them, since they are simply useless for the average customer. But in the second half of the last century, a classification was proposed by the French perfumers society, according to which all the fragrances were divided into 3 large and 11 smaller groups. Such a system is very simple and understandable even to a person who has no connection with the perfume industry. That is what we are the basis of our article.

    Description of perfume

    First, we select the three largest groups of fragrances, based on the dominant theme of perfume, and then we will describe smaller groups.

    • Oriental flavors. These include warm and soft perfume scents with animal hues. To Oriental belong such flavors as musky, oriental, spicy, amber and leather.
    • Chypre aromas. These include wood, green and perfume perfume compositions. These are smells with a light aroma of soil and greenery, rather deep, in the composition of which citrus notes can also be felt.
    • Flower aromas. Somewhat reminiscent of chypre structure, but much more delicate. These include flower-woody, flower-fruit, flower-citrus, oceanic aromas, as well as flower bouquets.

    Fragrance groups

    What are perfumes? Select the group of flavors.

    • Aldehyde group. Aldehyde perfumes are made entirely from artificial ingredients. At the same time, the odor of aldehydes is enhanced by contact with the skin. Elite perfume manufacturers currently do not use aldehydes in their compositions.
    • Ambrove band. Similar to oriental, sweet and spicy flavors that are quite resistant. They contain amber, vanilla, spices and musk.
    • Woody group. This is a fairly large group of scents that combines the presence of woody notes: myrtle, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, etc.
    • Green group.These perfumes are also easy to recognize, as they smell the fresh cut grass, as well as the leaves. From specific plants select the flavors of lavender, juniper, galbanum, pine.
    • Leather band. Of course, the name is very conditional, combining perfumes with such smells as amber, tar, honey, tobacco and the smell of smoke.
    • Musk group. Everything is much simpler here - these animal spirits contain musk. This is a fairly persistent perfume that can cause a state of mild euphoria.
    • Ozone group. Such flavors are also called oceanic or sea. This group appeared relatively recently. Aromas remind us of the sea freshness, how the air smells after a thunderstorm.
    • Spicy group. Remember the smell of pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves and other spices? Then you can easily recognize such spirits.
    • Fruit group. These perfumes perfectly reproduce the characteristic smells of fresh fruit: peach, raspberry, strawberry, melon, watermelon and others.
    • Fuzhnaya group. The smell of these perfumes somewhat reminiscent of "green", but differ from them in some notes of "mossiness" and lavender "call-up."
    • Citrus group. Very recognizable compositions based on the smells of orange, lemon, mandarin and other citrus fruits

    Men's and women's perfumes

    Here we will tell about it and give examples of specific spirits belonging to a particular group of fragrances. So, purely female perfume is:

    • aldehyde group;
    • flower group.

    What men's perfume can be distinguished? Purely male perfume is:

    • leather band;
    • fuzhnaya group.

    The spirits of the other groups (amber, woody, green, musky, ozone, oriental, spicy, fruit, citrus and chypre) can be either male or female. And now we give examples of specific spirits belonging to certain groups.

    • Chypre - Miss Dior Cherie, Paco Rabanne XS Extreme.
    • Citrus - Eau de Givenchy, Dior Eau Sauvage.
    • Floral - Anais Anais, Gucci Flora.
    • Fuzherny - Kenzo Homme, Hugo Boss in Motion.
    • Fruit - Ungaro Pink, Burberry Week End.
    • Spicy - Chanel Coco, Yves Saint Laurent Opium.
    • Oriental - Calvin Klein Obsession, Dior Dolce Vita.
    • Ozone - Givenchy Organza, Dior Dune.
    • Musky - Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, Acqua di Gio Pour Homme.
    • Leather - Guerlain Lupin Dandy, Cartier L’Heure Fougueuse Arsenet.
    • Greens - Chanel No. 19, Annayake Pour Elle.
    • Woody - Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle, Gucci By Gucci for Men.
    • Amber Trees - Prada Amber Pour Homme, Reminiscence Noir.
    • Aldehyde - Chanel №5.

    Now you know what spirits are. Choose what you like.

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