• What should be a teenager?

    A teenager is already a fairly formed personality. In their physical, physiological and psychological state, they are close to the world of adults. But due to their small life experience, there are misunderstandings and misunderstandings between adults and teenagers. Very often, adults forget that they were at that age, and teenagers still do not know what they will be in a few years.

    Required knowledge for a teenager

    Consider what should be a teenager. Since the adolescent is on the verge of childhood and growing up, his immediate future for him is still incomprehensible and a bit frightening. Therefore, he should be aware of what is happening to him and understand the things happening to him in order to avoid mistakes in the future. The younger generation should know:

    • On the period of puberty. Adults should explain to them what love, sexuality and sex are. During the period of puberty in adolescents, new sensations appear, their body changes, and mood changes.Parents and teachers should protect them from false information and try to answer their questions.
    • What to do to avoid the temptation of alcohol. All parents are very worried about their children not falling under the influence of bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and drugs. In adolescence, children relate to this carelessly, they are not fully aware of the consequences that may arise as a result of their use. Therefore, what a teenager should know about taking alcohol and drugs is a very important moment in his life. To do this, parents must constantly monitor the child and conduct conversations on these topics. And if necessary, contact a psychologist.
    • About employment. Children in adolescence have the right to temporary employment, and they should be aware of how many hours a week they can work, depending on age and in accordance with applicable law. For example, adolescents aged 15–16 years can work five hours a day, and students have the right to work no more than 2.5 hours a day.
    • About money. Parents should teach adolescents how to behave in relation to money, namely:
      • they should learn to save
      • be able to keep track of money
      • be able to spend wisely
      • learn to live within our means

    Appearance of a teenager

    Consider what a teenager should look like. Almost all adolescents want to look fashionable, they want to wear clothes that at this stage will express their inner world, correspond to their desires and interests. Following a certain style, they want to express their identity with the help of clothes. Some adults are annoyed by the screaming look of a young man or girl, and they believe that such young people have psychological problems. It is not necessary to focus on this and even more aggravate the already difficult transitional age, because it is sometimes very difficult for them to say goodbye to their childhood dreams and hard to understand the surrounding reality. Each group of people has their own priorities in the style of clothing, for example, there are lovers of clothes in the hip-hop style, and there are teenagers who love the romantic or sporty style. Each of these styles expresses his inner world and dedication to something. In any case, outwardly all adolescents should wear clean and tidy clothes, and parents should always be able to understand them, support them and, if necessary, be able to send and advise.

    Books for teens

    In many ways, the formation of the child’s personality is based on the books read.Therefore, in the opinion of well-known smart people, books that a teenager should read should be relevant in our time, since knowledge and feelings can not be avoided. Among the most popular books, readers highlight the works of Pasternak, Pelevin, Ulitskaya, Okudzhava, Ilf and Petrov, Mitchell, Hugo and others.

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