• What should be suitable work

    What should be a dream job?

    No matter how trite it may sound, but a dream job should bring pleasure to a person. No, not the pleasure that you get with the salary, but every minute pleasure, satisfaction from each completed task, excitement in the eyes and a desire to achieve results at any cost.
    When a person completely forgets about the day of pay, and thinks only about how to do his job better, then we can say that he is on the right track.
    However, it is worth thinking about the consequences of an image in a life in which only a career takes a person's head ... Many careerists at the age of thirty can observe depression, increased irritability or the absence of any social life other than work related.
    Is it worth it?
    It is difficult to answer, because the work itself can change your outlook: from a home person with traditional family values, a successful ascent of your career and / or the acquisition of power can make a completely different person.
    You need to be able to balance on the edge: do your best at work, but try not to forget about your family and children, friends and relatives. It is difficult, but it is the only possible option in order not to lose one of the two.
    For today's youth, late marriages (and children), and often the lack thereof, are characteristic. This trend is not only a sign of complicated social relations, but also a sign that a career, as one of the values, replaces the rest.

    How to choose the profession of your dreams?

    It is not very easy to choose, especially at certain periods of life, when it seems that any specialty is in the teeth. It should immediately be said that this is not the case, and any attempts to “verify” this may result in disappointment and a lot of wasted time. It is better to sit down once again, think, proanasilize.
    What to analyze? Factors. Factors that make a person suitable for a particular type of activity.
    1) Abilities. By that age, when a person thinks about choosing a profession seriously, he already has a set of certain abilities, predispositions. If an individual never understood algebra and threw textbooks on mathematics aside, it is unlikely he will be disposed to work with numbers and algorithms (programmer, economist).You can sit down and try - learn 2-3 simplest lessons on html (the language of writing web pages), and you will see.
    2) Values ​​and attitudes. Some modern activities are not suitable for people with strong principles and a desire to observe morality. Your work should comply with your principles: if you don’t want to experience constant tension in the "workplace", then you should consider whether, for example, the activities of an advertiser or a pr-manager, who often have to lie to people and manipulate the minds of others.
    3) Practical skills. Undoubtedly, the most important point. Answer the question "What do you specifically know how?". Write down all your practical skills and knowledge, which can be useful in practical activities, on a piece of paper and see what set you received and whether you got something significant at all.
    Do not forget about the hobbies - they play an important role. A person who has been interested in sports all his life and watched football will be easier to become a sports journalist than someone who read magazines about cars, right?
    Only a competent analysis of their abilities and aptitudes will help choose the very dream job (Russian. Dream job).Do not blindly give in to instincts: many activities look attractive at first glance, but behind the veil of attractiveness lies a lot of pitfalls.
    Be prudent and feel free to ask advice from those people who truly love their work. Good luck!

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