• Which stroller is better for a newborn?

    As a rule, young parents during the appearance in the family of the child take care of that he was surrounded by the most convenient things. At the same time, they also take care that they do not harm the health of the child. One of the most important purchases for a child is, first of all, a cot and a stroller. These items will surround him for a relatively long time. In the article we will not find out in detail how to choose a stroller, about this you can find out in our article: “How to choose a stroller?”. This, first of all, will focus on the types of wheelchairs, as well as their manufacturers.

    Before you figure out which stroller is best for a newborn, you need to remember, first of all, that in the first years of life the child is very defenseless and weak. Therefore, manufacturers care, above all, not only about making a comfortable baby carriage for the baby, but also for parents.

    As for the child, for him to choose a stroller, so that he was comfortable in the back and in the head.This is the weakest part of the body of the baby. A comfortable stroller should also have a comfortable bottom without the presence of any hillocks and depressions. As a rule, all these conditions are provided by the manufacturers, but you need to personally verify it.

    Types of wheelchairs

    At first glance, all the strollers look the same, but there is a large number of varieties of them, having examined each of them you will be able to understand what will be the best stroller for newborns.

    • The stroller looks like a classic cradle, which is mounted on a special chassis. This stroller is designed mainly for newborns from one month to six months. At this age, newborns can not sit on their own, so the stroller will be just for them.
    • Most manufacturers plan to produce a walking unit together with such a stroller, which is fixed on the chassis. An excellent option for such a stroller are baby strollers Zippy. This manufacturer has many models, starting with the budget and ending with more expensive and versatile options. Particular progress has been made by German baby carriages for newborns, which are distinguished by their reliable mechanisms and surprising convenience compared to other manufacturers.However, in addition to German wheelchairs, there are also Polish wheelchairs for newborns, which are not only universal, but also relatively inexpensive compared to their predecessors from Germany.
    • There are also many options for modular systems. They have the form of a set consisting of a single chassis. At the same time it will be possible to install both a walking block and a cradle on it. Most often, a car seat can be included in such a kit. The main disadvantage of this kit is a very high cost, but it is justified by the fact that when you buy such a modular system, you do not need to buy other wheelchairs. The most reliable are the same German strollers for newborns. Germany in this regard has eclipsed all other manufacturers. The most popular are such German brands as: Hauck and ABC design. In addition to these firms, there are many others that you can find on the Internet.

    It should be recalled that the choice of stroller is a very important event, so we advise you not to be shy and ask the seller everything that you may be interested in. As a rule, the most popular questions are how much the weight of the stroller, how old the baby is, and how it folds out.However, in addition to these issues, there are a number of other equally important.

    So, when choosing, you should think about which wheels are used in the wheelchair. What does it matter? So for example, German manufacturers indicate the season for which the stroller is designed; if it is more versatile, then additional wheels for summer or winter should be supplied in the kit.

    As a rule, baby strollers are sold unassembled, while domestic manufacturers do not care much about the detailed instructions for its collection. There are many cases that having bought a good carriage will have more than one hour to smash its head.

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