• What the series "Betrayal" and where to download it

    Plot description

    A young female photographer, officially married, becomes the mistress of the married lawyer Jack McAlister, who belongs to the rich and powerful clan of Carsten. She has been married for several years, but a woman often cheats on her husband, because she is unhappy with him in marriage and wants to find true love. The development of the plot begins with his next case - the main character's lover is assigned to protect a person suspected of murder investigated by her husband.
    Another title of the series “Betrayal”, which fully reflects its essence, is no less speaking - “Treason”.
    After McAlister gets down to work on protecting the suspect, the woman realizes that her husband will prove his guilt. As a result, both worlds collide - and once Jack meets the husband of his mistress, who has long suspected his wife of treason. After that, for lovers begins a difficult period, filled with many intrigues, scenes of jealousy, scandals in their own families and unexpected betrayals.To return to normal life, the heroes will have to fight for their happiness and get rid of suspicion, hatred and a sense of ownership.

    Creation of the series

    The script of the pilot series “Betrayal” was first seen in the summer of 2012, when they became interested on the ABC channel. As a result, this adaptation of the Dutch production of the same name was acquired by the channel from David Zabel. The start of filming "Betrayal" was launched six months later under the guidance of a new talented director Patty Jenkins. After acting casting for the main roles in this detective drama, which took place in the winter of 2013, Henry Thomas received the first role in the pilot series of the series. Later he was joined by James Cromwell.
    In the record of the famous actor James Cromwell, who played in the "Betrayal", is the nomination for the "Oscar".
    The main female role of the series went to a young rising star in Hollywood, Hannah Ware, and her rival, Jack McAlister's wife, was played by Wendy Moniz. Closer to spring, the main male character appeared in “Betrayal” - the charming lawyer Jack MacAlister, who was taken on by the popular actor Stuart Townsend.After the series was released on screens, its main competitor was the “West Side” series, but over time, “Betrayal” took a leading position in the ratings of the channel.

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