• What to collect Tini?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    February 14, 2013
    What to collect Tini?

    Character Tini from the game World of Warcraft is quite an interesting hero, who belongs to the class of strong men. Despite the fact that he is distinguished by a small growth, he does not have the power, but sometimes she alone is not enough in battle and the character suffers defeat. And in order to prevent this, it is imperative to know what to collect Tini. Then, in addition to strength, he will have other advantages and advantages that contribute to winning victories in battles with enemies and opponents.

    What artifacts to collect Tini

    Below is a list of artifacts that will help the stone character of World of Warcraft Tini become invincible.

    1. Avalance - this artifact is necessary for this hero, because it allows him to fill the selected area with stones in seconds. It also helps to stun and damage the Units, which will be located close to it.
    2. Boots of Travel - these boots enable Tini to quickly collect gold for other artifacts.
    3. Assault Cuirass - at times increases the speed of attack of this hero, and also gives an excellent bonus to armor, whereas at the opponent, she, having spoiled, decreases.
    4. Aghanim scepter - this artifact allows you to enhance the ulta, it also gives a great bonus to all the attributes of this hero and increases the maximum supply of his lives and manna.
    5. Heart of Tarrasque is one of the most important artifacts, so it is included in the Tini Guide. After all, it gives a huge bonus to lives and greatly increases their regeneration.
    6. Shiva's Guard - allows you to increase the level of intelligence of this stone character, as well as increases his armor. In addition, this artifact helps to reduce the attack speed of the enemy, cause him good damage and slow it down by 40%.
    7. Craggy Exterior - this artifact allows Tini’s body to turn into granite, as a result it causes tremendous pain to all those who attack him. In addition, he also increases the armor of this hero and gives him a chance to stun any enemy for 1.2 seconds.
    8. Grow - it helps at times to increase the power of Tini, as well as its size. In addition, he adds a little speed when running.

    Now you know that collecting Tini in DotA and after your character has acquired all these artifacts, he will certainly become stronger and more powerful, which means that he will not lose any battle with the enemies, and will always come out the winner.

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