• What to collect Trux?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    February 11, 2013
    What to collect Trux?

    Truxa is a gallant and rather strong character of DotA. Quite often it meets with combat situations. It is very difficult to play and win the fervor of the experienced heroine Trax. This heroine has tremendous possibilities of the dealer and is created by the strongest genger. Many of its merits are due to a good stock of spells. Magic number one: helps the player slow down the enemy so as to predict his move and disarm. Magic number two: makes it possible to conjure approximately six seconds. Magic number three: gives us a passive aura, which does more basic damage.

    But, in today's article, we will talk about what to collect Trux. It turns out that this list includes more than one name for magical things. It is worth noting that our heroine is very weak at the beginning of this game and therefore, one should be extremely careful not to suffer defeat.

    So, what to collect Trux in DotA? Of course, you need to be an experienced player to collect all the items for a short time. These artifacts are:

    • Power treads is a very necessary thing in the game, it will help us more than once to go through difficult stages. It is Power treads that gives not only the speed of increase in movement, but also bonuses to the speed of the heroine when she attacks. Another nice thing: plus seven points for each attribute that we have chosen.
    • Lothar edge. Are you new? Then immediately find this artifact. He gives a good bonus to the speed of the heroine in the attack and damage. Also, in addition, having acquired this artifact, the heroine gets the opportunity to be invisible for a short time (that is, she receives a spell).
    • Dominator. Naturally, in battle you will be hurt, and you will lose vital energy. But what then to do? Do you have to start the game again? No! If you get this artifact, you can be more resilient in battle. But it is also worth remembering that the quality of vampirism is not combined with the first magic. Therefore, you choose one of two things: either the completion of life, or the slowing down of enemies. Also, if you wish, you can make your Satanic better.
    • Butterfly. Be sure to find the opportunity to get this artifact. It is he who gives you great opportunities in the game: improving dexterity, reducing damage, and also improves the agility in attack qualitatively.You can, with his help, dodge thirty-five percent faster from enemies.
    • Buriza. This thing helps the hero to increase damage, plus the hero deals two and a half times more damage to the target.
    • Heart of Tarrasque. The Trux Guide cannot help but include this artifact! This object of the game increases the regeneration, therefore it is indispensable in battles and battles.

    Trax ... This heroine is very strong and fast, can surpass many other characters. She's a great damager. But all her qualities appear only during the game, and not immediately, therefore, as we wrote above, she is very weak at the initial stage. Keep this in mind. Have a good hunting!

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