• What if I'm sick of everything?

    I think that everyone in life had such a situation when everyone was stupidly tired: friends were tired, relations with a girl were tired, wife and child were tired, work and boss were annoying, everyone on the planet was tired! Here at such a time and think about the question: "What if I'm fed up with everything?". Now let's try to figure it out.

    what to do if everything is very tired

    What to do if everyone is tired

    1. Tired of friends? Most likely, you often spend all your free time with them. Take a break from them. Stay with your family or go somewhere else.
    2. Tired of a friend (or wife)? So, you do not have everything in a relationship so smoothly or you are banal for a long time with each other. If you live together, send your soul mate to visit her mother for a few days. Or you can go fishing for a few days yourself. If, after several days of staying apart, you are still annoyed by the presence of your girlfriend, maybe you don’t like her?
    3. Tired of a child? This is completely your fault: it's not a toy or a dog that can be thrown out at any time.You had to think about it before you started it. Now, you have to rethink your attitude to life and understand one thing: now you live not for yourself, but for your child!
    4. Tired of sex with his beloved? In no case do not need to seek solace on the side! In this case, the problems lie not even on the physical level, but in the emotions. Heat emotions with your girlfriend, change the situation. Does not help? Try to refrain from love joys a few weeks, let the girl herself take the initiative.
    5. Tired of school, college, tired of studying? Yes, unfortunately, for many it happens - and all thanks to our country and low level of education. Many people get tired of studying at the institute or because they understand that you don't like this profession, or because you understand that in the future you will earn little. Some just do not like to learn. But, if you have no knowledge and no higher education - in the modern world you can only work as a janitor.
    6. Tired of people? Get somewhere somewhere, work, self-motivate.
    7. Tired of work, work, boss? Resign from this work, tell the boss everything you think about him and rest for a few weeks.
    8. Tired of advertising? Turn off the TV, read a book.
    9. Just tired of living? But this is the extreme stage of depression. Try to figure out what spoils your mood. In any case, there must be some factor that spoils your mood. The best medicine in this case is not a cigarette and drink. No! The best cure for depression is sport! Go to the gym "to iron", shake the press, work out on the horizontal bars, the uneven bars, take a run. Nothing is more uplifting than realizing that you are becoming physically stronger!

    And in general - try to smile more often to others, and people will reach out to you!

    Well, now, in order to cheer up a little, I suggest looking at the original answer that one guy got in the Google question and answer service when asked what to do when everything got tired.

    what to do if everything is tired

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