• What to do to quickly varnish peeled off with nails?

    Beautiful and well-groomed marigolds are a visiting card of any girl following herself. But what to do if the varnish quickly peels off the nail? Is it possible to somehow prolong the life of a manicure?

    What affects the quality of the coating?

    The quality of the lacquer coating is influenced by several factors:

    • Manicure technique. Yes, there are some rules, if violated, the coating will not be durable and durable.
    • Quality varnish. If you purchased a varnish for 20 rubles, then you should not expect that it will flaunt your nails longer than two or three days.
    • Lifestyle. If you, after a manicure, expose your nails to various kinds of impacts, then the service life of the lacquer coating will definitely not be long.
    • Incorrect drying. Yes, if you dry the lacquer incorrectly, then it will not last long.
    • The condition of the nails. If they are thin and uneven, then the strength of the coating will suffer.

    How to extend the life of a manicure?


    What to do to quickly varnished nail polish? There are several important points, and each of them should be told in detail.

    Choice of varnish

    Some important rules:

    • When choosing a lacquer, give preference only to proven cosmetic companies that have proven themselves from the best side.
    • Varnish should not be too thick or, conversely, liquid. In the store, you will definitely appreciate the consistency of the product.
    • Remember that high-quality and good varnish can not cost too cheap.
    • Pay special attention to the expiry date of the product. Overdue varnish not only will not last long, but also can harm your nails.

    Nail Health

    Be sure to take care of the health of your nails. Eat properly and make sure that your diet contains foods rich in calcium, vitamins D, E, A and other essential substances. In addition, strengthen the nail plate and the outside. To do this, use special cosmetics or homemade. Effective bath with sea salt and natural oils.

    Additional funds

    There is a choice

    Many girls face the problem under consideration, and therefore, cosmetics manufacturers have invented many means to strengthen the lacquer coating and extend its service life. First, use a transparent base.She will prepare the nail plate: align it and increase grip. Apply varnish on the base. Secondly, apply a fixative over the lacquer layer. It will protect the coating from any impacts.

    Nail preparation

    Preparation is not only useful, but also obligatory. Tips for beginners or uninformed:

    1. First you need to prepare the nails. First of all, they should be degreased, otherwise the adhesion of the coating to the nail plate will be reduced, and the varnish will soon begin to peel off. For degreasing is better to use a special tool. Also suitable nail polish remover or alcohol.
    2. The second stage of preparation and the important rule of manicure is drying. Yes, yes, nails must be completely dry before starting a manicure procedure. If they are wet, then after applying the varnish water evaporating from the surface of the nail will simply destroy the coating and violate its integrity. So if you washed your hands, bathed or visited the sauna, then wait at least a couple of hours.
    3. The third rule is leveling the surface. If the nail plate is uneven, the coating will not lie correctly and, therefore, will not be durable and durable.So if on the surface of the nail there are bumps and irregularities, remove them using a special soft grinding nail file.

    Lacquer preparation

    Varnish should not be too thick and uniform. So if it is heavily thickened, dilute it with a special liquid. In addition, mix thoroughly. To do this, actively shake the bottle for one minute.

    Proper application

    When the nails are prepared, you can proceed directly to the application procedure. Useful recommendations:

    • First apply the base. Let it dry completely. It is necessary!
    • Apply lacquer in a special way. First, all your movements must be clear and confident. For this, the hand that paints the nails, provide support (you can simply put the elbow on the table). Secondly, start with the base of the nail and move to its end. At first apply a varnish on the center, then from one edge, and then from another. Do everything pretty quickly, but neatly. Thirdly, remember that at the tips the varnish will peel faster, so that you apply a thin layer on them. To do this, just loosen the pressure of the brush.
    • Make sure that the amount of varnish on the brush is optimal. If it is too much, then the layer will be thick, which means that it will peel off faster.
    • If you decide to apply two layers (although this is not always required), then apply the second layer only after the first one has dried completely. Also, never apply more than two layers.
    • Do not forget to use the fixer. But remember that it is applied to a completely dried varnish.

    Proper drying

    Choose a quality varnish

    First of all, drying must be natural. So do not use a hairdryer, cold water and other means and methods to accelerate this process. If to force events, the varnish will dry only from above, and at a fingernail remains not dried up that will lead to shortening of service life of a covering. So after the manicure, leave your nails alone and let the varnish dry by yourself. To do this, it is desirable to carry out the manicure procedure when you are free and do not plan to leave anywhere.

    Proper care

    To lacquer kept longer, provide nails with the right care. Some useful tips:

    1. Water (especially hot) disrupts the adhesion between the nail plate and the varnish, so it's best to wash the dishes, wash them and carry out a wet cleaning in rubber gloves.And to avoid the greenhouse effect and the condensate, marigold sprinkle talc.
    2. Going out in the cold season, do not forget to wear gloves, as under the influence of cold or because of the temperature difference the varnish may crack.
    3. Avoid mechanical stress. Do not try to peel off paint or open the lid with your nails.
    4. If the varnish has peeled off a little, do not remove it completely from the nail. Just correct the situation by putting a thin layer on the problem area.

    Let your manicure make you happy for a long time!

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