• What to do when the soul is bad?

    There are days when everything seems black and hopeless, when it hurts and it is hard. Few people, getting into such a situation, clearly know what to do when the soul is bad. Everyone has their own recipes. Someone turns on sad music and revels in their grief, and someone seeks to unwind.

    Psychological advice

    What to do when the soul is bad?

    We are looking for and eliminate the cause

    Understand the reasons for your condition - a person doesn’t feel bad just like that, for no reason. Everything has a reason, and your condition also, you just need to find them. How to do it? Some reasons are obvious, others lurk in the depths of the soul and may be incomprehensible and unobvious. How to find hidden reasons? Immerse yourself in your state, try to strengthen it. This should be done very carefully and with what can help, for example, music that matches your mood. Develop thoughts that come to mind in this state, think about where they come from. Think about what images and associations this condition causes you, whether you have had it before.

    Eliminate the cause of your condition. Yes, sometimes it is simply impossible - it is impossible to resurrect a loved one or correct a situation, but you can eliminate the cause of your condition, for example, to present a dialogue with someone who no longer exists, with his abuser or with himself in the past. You can eliminate what reminds you of a traumatic situation - photos, gifts, things, perhaps even smells. The less things that remind you of painful events, the easier it is to stop thinking about them.

    Help change

    Change the situation - when everything is bad, you can just go for a walk, meet someone, go to a new place or leave the city altogether. Changing the environment around you, again, you can change the way you think and associate, bringing you to the place where you are. Take a break, get new impressions and emotions. Yes, even if you just think about making repairs or rearranging at home, there will be something to be distracted about and where to make the effort.

    Work - do something tangible, something in which you will immediately see the result, it can be handicrafts, drawing, cooking, and the same repair or rearrangement of furniture. Take care of yourself and your body.Seeing that your strength is not wasted, and with benefit, you will feel much better.

    Create a positive attitude

    Give yourself a holiday - please your body or soul. Make yourself a favorite bubble bath, eat your favorite foods and especially sweets, change your hairstyle or go to the movies for a good movie.

    Think about your achievements - remember all that you managed to achieve, what you are good at, maybe you have awards and just something you can be proud of. It can even be little things, the main thing is that they are useful and remind you of the good and that you know how. He learned to swim, found the best sort of green tea, learned to understand the models of machines, met with all his colleagues, etc. You can make a list of your achievements and admire them when you feel sad. Help and lists of material acquisitions.

    New goals and achievements

    Make a plan or just come up with a goal for which you will strive. It may be a desire or a dream, but there is surely something you can do yourself. At first, you can set small goals that will help implement the global one. For example, the global goal “to lose weight by 20 kilograms” can be divided into small ones: eat right, do exercises, run, do aerobics.It is useful to set deadlines, but they must be real. Do not drive yourself to impossible deadlines, it is better to take time with a reserve and be proud of yourself if you fulfilled the plan earlier.

    Here are 7 steps explaining what to do when your heart is bad. Decide for yourself what is best suited for you and to what extent to follow each of them; dive into your grief to look for reasons or immediately leave it and get rid of reminders. If your condition worsens for no apparent reason and you don’t want to do anything, contact a psychologist or a psychotherapist.

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