• What to draw dad?

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    What to draw dad?

    The most pleasant gift to dad from a child is a gift made with his own hands. You can make a postcard from paper yourself, and on it draw something beautiful and original.

    What to draw dad on his birthday

    If the son and daughter are very small, then mom will be able to help the father make the drawing. Let mom on a piece of paper circle the outline of dad's hand. And inside the large contour of the hand, it will be necessary to circle the outline of the palm of the baby. Paint the background of the pattern with bright colors with the baby, and leave the images of the palms white or make them flesh-colored. On a bright background, sign the date and age of the child. Many fathers are moved by such a birthday present.

    Older children can draw a picture of the pope yourself. We suggest using one of the following ideas:

    • the image of all family members at the holiday table headed by dad,Cakewho blows out the candles on the cake;
    • drawing of dad and child’s joint leisure activities (fishing, playing chess, repairing, cycling, mushroom picking, watching cartoons) with congratulations and words of gratitude for a cheerful childhood;
    • dad can draw a big cake with candles, balloons and decorate a sheet of paper with sparkles, pieces of multi-colored foil, fixing everything with transparent nail polish;
    • the image of hearts, kisses and suns as a sign of how much you love dad.

    Also read the general article on What to draw for a birthday.

    What to draw dad on February 23

    On this holiday, congratulate your dad as a protector of your family, a strong man, a reliable and brave man. Draw a portrait of the Pope. It could be his face fullDraw daddydrawing, dad working at the computer, helping mom carry bags, holding a son or daughter on his shoulders. In this case, you will help article How to draw a dad.

    In addition, you can draw a St. George ribbon of black and yellow, a tank or a red star on February 23 if the holiday for him resembles military service and personifies the defense of the Fatherland. Step by step to draw a soldier, an airplane or a sailor will help you.

    What can I draw a dad for the New Year

    As a rule, on New Year's Day they draw a green fluffy Christmas tree with toys, a snowman, gift boxes, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or a winter landscape.Dad will definitely have a New Year mood when he sees a thematic drawing from his child.

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