• What to drink for a headache?

    August 9, 2012
    What to drink for a headache?

    Probably, everyone knows the state when the head seems to split into pieces. At these moments, the most important is one question, what to drink for a headache.

    Increased intracranial pressure is a common cause of headache. This leads to stretching or squeezing of the blood vessels of the brain. They rightly say: "you can not tolerate a headache."

    Headache - what to drink?

    There are several options that you can drink for a headache. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is pills. Here are the most famous medical remedies for headaches:

    • Aspirin is the most common drug that helps many;
    • Acetaminophen is an analogue of aspirin. Headache is enough to drink 2 tablets;
    • Citramon - contains caffeine, and therefore will help those who have a headache is a consequence of low blood pressure.

    What to drink from a headache except tablets?

    • Glass of water. Sips, slowly; then lie down and relax;
    • Tea (black or green) with the addition of cinnamon;
    • Broth valerian root.

    The effectiveness of headache treatment is higher if you know its cause. If the headache does not stop, take time to visit a doctor to rule out serious pathologies.

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