• What to give a favorite?

    The fact that the choice of gifts is more difficult for men than for women does not exempt them from the need to periodically do it. To make your lot easier, try to be a little more attentive, listen to your girlfriend (wife) and she will often say what she wants. If you did not have time to do it, and you need a gift already now, then we will tell you what to give to your beloved.

    Flowers - a universal gift

    Virtually every woman loves flowers. Of course, there are exceptions. If you notice that your beloved shows some joy at the sight of a bouquet, puts it in a visible place, then you can safely give her flowers. But if you notice how indifferently she pushes them somewhere far away and does not care for them, then you should not buy them.

    Well, if you know exactly what kind of flowers she likes. If you are not aware of her floral preferences, then it is better not to guess, but give her a classic - a rose, or a bunch of prefabs.

    An excellent choice is a miniature rose in a pot or the whole composition in a glass.This option is for those girls who love to keep track of indoor plants.

    Most importantly, do not try to give her cloves, mimosa, daffodils or kalah. Such flowers are unlikely to cause good associations to anyone.


    If you do not know what to give your girlfriend, then a great way is jewelry. All the representatives of the weaker sex love to decorate themselves, so this gift will come in handy.

    Costume jewelry is beautiful and exquisite or tasteless cheap stuff. You should not grieve your darling with the last option, make a bet on Swarovski jewelry and you can’t go wrong - they are all not only high-quality and attractive, but their price will make you happy.


    What to give his beloved wife, if not gold? When relationships are at the stage of generation, you can get along with something like costume jewelry, but it is better for your wife to give jewelry at a different level.

    Determine what your woman likes more: silver or gold and, based on this, choose a gift. Stop the selection, for example, on the rings. Massive or thin, with or without stones - it does not matter. Your lady will not remain indifferent.Pay attention to what rings it is most often, and pick up something similar, but new and original.

    Do not forget that you should know the size of your sweetheart's finger. If you do not know him, it is better not to risk, buy her earrings, bracelet or chain.


    If you know the taste of your lady well, then the question of what to give to a beloved woman is almost solved. Choose for her a good, sophisticated fragrance, preferably a famous brand that she likes. You can play it safe and ask her friend about what kind of perfume your girlfriend likes.

    Perfumery is better to buy exclusively in specialized stores, otherwise you can get to the fake.

    How to surprise a girl

    You can go even further - give her an unusual gift or make something original. This is especially useful if you are only trying to conquer it.

    • Congratulations on the billboard. If you place beautiful congratulatory poems on a big billboard near your beloved house, then it will not stand before you. Such a gift will never be forgotten. The main thing is to choose a beautiful photo, which shows it and here you have the most creative congratulations.
    • Greeting balls.If you don’t know at all what to give to your beloved friend you want to see as your girlfriend, then here’s an idea! Inflate a lot of bright balls and paint them with markers. Write on them congratulations, and maybe declarations of love. If the balloons are with helium, then you can even attach some surprises to them: little notes, sweets and flowers.
    • Photomosaic. Find a beautiful photo of your beloved in good quality and take it to the photo studio. Ask to make a mosaic to surprise a girl who, collecting her gift, will think about you all the time.
    • Candle Games When it gets dark, put floating candles on the asphalt in front of her house. You can write with their help the word: "I love", "congratulations", etc. or just place them in the form of a big heart. Light all the candles and call your darling, ask her to look out the window. Imagine what her reaction would be at the sight of a huge burning heart on the asphalt or hot words of love!
    • Culinary masterpieces. What any girl wonders for sure is the delicious culinary delights of her man. A sexy man in an apron, the whole kitchen is upside down, and on the table are candles and dinner prepared by men's hands for the sake of their half.

    Or a sweet cake, carefully decorated and brought to the girlfriend.Cake, of course, cooked with his own hand, here the shop will not help. An excellent combination with such a gift will play inflatable flowers from balls, which have recently become fashionable.

    Imagine! Show love and care to the one that is not indifferent, because she deserves that you sit for a while and think what it will be nice for her to receive from you, what she will not forget, and will keep near you, always thinking of you, looking at this thing.

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