• What to make from mashed potatoes?

    Mashed potatoes are very flexible and easy-to-use material. It is not necessary to throw it away or reheat the next day after preparation. It is better to make a tasty side dish of it, not to mention the possibility to stick dumplings or pies. So, this article will tell you what to mash.

    Potato balls


    • Potatoes,
    • One egg,
    • Black pepper (ground)
    • Salt,
    • Hard cheese,
    • Vegetable oil (two glasses),
    • Breadcrumbs,
    • Paper towel.

    Cooking method:

    • Wash the potatoes and place them in a saucepan, filling with water so that it covers the tubers. Cover with a lid and put on medium heat. Drain hot water from the finished potato and pour cold water into it. After a couple of minutes drain.
    • Peel off the pelt and push the pestle. Pepper and salt to your taste, you can add seasonings.
    • Beat one egg into the potato mass and mix so that it becomes smooth and is given to molding. If the mash is still crumbly, beat the second egg.
    • Cut the cheese into small cubes.Wet your palms and mash small balls, in the middle of which you put a piece of cheese, and then roll them in breadcrumbs.
    • Take a deep frying pan and heat two glasses of oil in it. Dip the balls into it for five minutes and fry, occasionally turning it over until golden brown.
    • Cover the plate with paper napkins and place the finished balls on it so that the fat can drain.

    Zrazy with mushrooms

    And what to make from mashed potatoes to add even a festive table? Of course, this zrazy. We present a recipe with mushrooms, you can choose another filling. In general, what is in the refrigerator, then put.


    • Fresh mushrooms (500 g),
    • Potatoes (12 pieces),
    • Butter,
    • Onion bulb (2 pcs.)
    • Egg,
    • Flour (4 tbsp. Boxes),
    • Garlic,
    • Vegetable oil,
    • Parsley,
    • Salt and pepper to taste.

    Add butter to frying pan and fry onion until golden brown. Wash, cut the mushrooms and place them over the onions. Fry them until cooked (15-20 min). To the mushrooms, add garlic, chopped through the garlic press.

    Boil the potatoes in water with salt and mash. Beat in the egg, put the flour, parsley and salt, mix well.You will have a potato mixture, from which you need to make a cake and put mushrooms in it. Fasten the edges. Roll zrazy in flour and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Serve with sour cream.


    What to cook from the remaining puree, to get a tasty snack for beer? Here is the answer! Chips! It turns out to be easy to get aromatic, crispy chips at home.

    You will need:

    • Potatoes (4 pcs.),
    • Butter (30 g),
    • Egg,
    • Milk (50 ml),
    • Flour (3 tbsp. Boxes),
    • Vegetable oil,
    • Spices, salt.

    Cooking method:

    • Cook the mashed potatoes and whisk it with a blender so that no lumps are left in it.
    • Add butter, one egg and milk, mix.
    • In a puree, gently and slowly pour the flour, until it turns a thick mixture, like a cream. Make sure that the consistency is not very liquid, otherwise it will not work.
    • Salt to taste and add the seasonings that you like best.
    • Now you need a waffle iron. Heat it and brush it with vegetable oil that does not smell. Spread mashed potatoes on the waffle iron one spoon, close it and fry.Turn the waffle maker often to keep your chips from burning.
    • Ready chips, remove from the waffle iron, smash or cut into pieces. Sprinkle with paprika and salt. Bon Appetit!

    From crushed potatoes, as you can see, you can prepare a lot of dishes. These are balls, zrazy, pies, pancakes, dumplings, casserole, chips, Russian sushi and much more. You can think of what to make mashed potatoes and share with the rest delicious recipes!

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