• What to see at night?

    Despite the huge collections of films and TV shows that have been posted on the Internet in completely free access, the question: “What to watch at night?” Pops up again and again. And all because there are not so many really good films. And if you still listen to the advice of psychologists, it turns out that even a good half will have to be deleted from this list. After all, if you believe the doctors, then watching horror, action films, thrillers and tragedies for the night can completely ruin the next dream, which means that the morning will start with a lack of sleep.

    Nevertheless, the film is, above all, entertainment and recreation. And everyone loves to relax, experiencing completely different emotions. We will present the TOP-5 answers to the question of what to see at bedtime.

    Top 5 movies at night

    1. The series "Spartacus." The saga of the great warrior-gladiator, who raised the rebellion of the Roman slaves. In the modern version is very exciting. The creators did not stint neither on special effects, nor on love scenes, nor scenes of battles and bloodshed, nor on sex and debauchery, nor on intrigues, nor on handsome heroes and beautiful heroines. The film has 4 seasons plus - a prequel.So the question: “What movie to watch for the night?” Will not be relevant for a long time.
    2. "Time loop". New thriller and thriller with the invincible Bruce Willis. In the near future, people could still learn to manage time: they move freely a few years ago. Moreover, it has opened up new opportunities for the elimination of unnecessary citizens: they are simply sent to the past and killed there, erasing them from history forever. But once a murderer is accidentally assigned to remove himself.
    3. "Monsters on vacation". Good cartoon for family viewing. The screens came out very recently, so that has not yet had time to fill the edge. Great voice, really funny jokes, interesting plot and - good old monsters and ghosts. True, in this film they are absolutely adorable: Dracula does not like to drink blood, Frankenstein does not want to kill, and werewolves love to howl at the moon and raise their offspring.
    4. "Time". A fantasy and bestseller that has won millions. After viewing it leaves an impression of another day for two. In front of the viewer is a world in which the only value and money is time. Man is born with a built-in timer.It turns on as soon as its carrier turns 25 years old. From this point on, a person is forced to work so that minutes are added to him as payment. As soon as time runs out, the heart stops.
    5. "Frills". Another novelty from the legendary Timur Bekmambetov, however, this time without shooting, murder and dusk. But with the same Konstantin Khabensky, beloved by many Ivan Urgant and charming Mila Jovovich. Men will play the role of two lovers in a beautiful lady. The plot is very kind, ironic and, what is important for watching at night, comedic.

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