• What to see in Warsaw?

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    What to see in Warsaw?

    Traveling to Europe can be one of the most memorable in your life. However, in order to be filled with impressions, you need to correctly draw up a route - your stay in the country is limited in time, interesting places are separated by distance, and you want to see as much as possible. For example, you had the opportunity to go to Poland.

    Its capital is an ancient city and crowded with curious historical objects. Before you start rushing to try to visit everything, decide what you want to see in Warsaw most of all, and make a list of those places that are within reach of each other.

    Architectural landmarks

    What is worth seeing in Warsaw is its Palace Square. It combines several historical monuments at once: here is the column of Sigismund Vasa, and the eastern side is occupied by the Royal Castle. If you were going to start the inspection from another point, you would have to go here further. Nearby is the Cathedral of St. and.Yana, built in the 13th century.

    The dignity of the Palace Square is also the exit from it to the Krakow suburb - everyone who has traveled here will tell you that it is necessary to see it in Warsaw. A little time will take a trip from the Palace to the unique Market Square with a monument to the legendary patroness of the city Sirene. Again, nearby is the Older Miasto, without visiting which you cannot say that you were in Warsaw.


    To visit these centers of culture will take more than one day - they are scattered throughout the city. If you are limited in time and have chosen the Palace Square as a point of reference, to your attention is the Marie Curie Museum - it is located on the Market Square. The Warsaw Historical Museum is also located nearby. Nearby there are also the Archaeological and People’s Museums; but to the Museum of Chopin, which many travelers seek to visit, it is not very convenient to get there.

    To be honest, choosing what to see in Warsaw is based only on your wishes. The city is beautiful even for leisurely walks. Even if the impression about the country was shaped by you purely from the books of John Chmelevsky, there is always something to see in Poland.

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