• What to take to the sea child?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    November 4, 2014
    What to take to the sea child?

    If you decide to take a child with you to the sea, it is important to carefully approach the collection of suitcases, because your child will need a lot of things that you must take with you on the trip.

    Hygiene products

    It is very important to take care of things for the hygiene of the child, their approximate list looks like this:

    • children's toilet paper;
    • wet and paper napkins;
    • towels;
    • pot;
    • diapers;
    • scissors;
    • powder;
    • set of cotton swabs;
    • several nipples;
    • baby shampoo and soap;
    • toothpaste and brush;
    • bibs;
    • pot.


    Especially carefully approach the wardrobe of the child for travel, it should contain such things:

    • T-shirts;
    • socks;
    • tights;
    • underpants;
    • shorts;
    • swimming trunks or swimsuit;
    • Panama or cap;
    • sunglasses;
    • sandals;
    • T-shirts;
    • sport shoes;
    • flip flops;
    • pajamas.

    You should also take a few sets of warm clothes and jackets with long sleeves, because in the evening the resorts are cool enough and the child can freeze.

    Items for entertainment

    In order for the child not to be bored on the way and in the room in the evenings, you need to take with you a few favorite toys for the child and 1-2 completely new items that will be able to permanently attract the attention of your child. You can also put paint, books, pencils in a suitcase.

    Baby First Aid Kit

    Be sure to take medicine with you in case the child feels unwell or falls ill. So, in the first aid kit should be the following medications:

    • antipyretic drugs;
    • thermometer;
    • drugs for intestinal disorders;
    • drops for eyes, ears and nose;
    • allergy medications;
    • cough syrup;
    • remedies for burns and insect bites;
    • bandage;
    • patch;
    • cotton wool;
    • potassium permanganate;
    • hydrogen peroxide;
    • Zelenka;
    • potassium permanganate;
    • iodine.

    Food and Drink

    With you on the road, take not too sweet drinks and a few bottles of spring water without gas. As for food, you can get by with cookies, fruit and sweets, and upon arrival you can give the child those dishes that are served in the hotel’s dining room. If your baby is on artificial feeding, then take all the mixtures, mashed potatoes and porridge with you, as well as a thermos with hot water.

    Additional subjects

    Also with you should grab the following:

    • sunscreen;
    • small inflatable pool;
    • Beach umbrella;
    • a set of toys for the beach: a ball, a strainer, buckets, scoops, sprayers, floating toys, and so on;
    • rubber ring or armbands;
    • a bowl with a lid (for feeding the child on the beach).

    In addition, you can put in a suitcase and other things that you think will be useful during the rest of the child. Among them may be his favorite blanket, jacket, gadget - portable console or tablet, and so on.

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