• What can I wear with a denim shirt?

    Elena Krylova
    Elena Krylova
    March 12, 2013
    What can I wear with a denim shirt?

    Denim shirts, which were once terribly popular and for a time have lost their relevance, are again coming into fashion. And if you so want to purchase this item of clothing, but you are afraid, because you do not know what to wear with a denim shirt, then in this case you just need a little advice.

    What is best to wear with a denim shirt

    To begin with we will be defined with color. Today it is best to buy either light shirts or completely dark, but the main thing is that they should be monophonic. Different shades of jeans look good in one set.

    • What is the best way to wear a denim shirt? The most advantageous look shirts in combination with white simple cut T-shirt and pants or dark jeans. The shirt can be worn slightly undone, tucked in or tucked in, you can tie it with a knot on the stomach. It all depends on the style of the shirt, your figure and imagination.
    • Looks great shirt of jeans in combination with leather goods, a skirt or trousers.And if over it also a fur vest to put on, then you get the most fashionable image of the spring or autumn season. Leather accessories are generally designed for jeans. High leather boots or shoes, fringed bags, bracelets and leather pendants perfectly complement the denim outfit.
    • Round collar shirts are extremely feminine. They look great with skirts, with both narrow and flying chiffon.
    • Long shirts can be worn as a cardigan over a lightweight dress. They also look great as a tunic with leggings or even dresses, if you fasten a shirt and put a belt or waist around the waist.
    • What is the combination of a denim shirt yet? In summer, a blue denim shirt will look good with colorful shorts and skirts. She looks equally good with leopard, and even with ethnic prints. You can wear it in the evening over a silk dress on the floor, rolling up your sleeves to the middle of your arm.

    In general, do not be afraid to experiment. It is important to choose a shirt of the right color and style that suits you, and then you will have a universal thing that will fit well with most of your outfits.

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