• What to wear without a collar

    In Europe, at the beginning of the 20th century, coats without a collar began to appear, but they very quickly lost their popularity. Only in the 21st century, they reappeared. Thanks to modern designers, now girls can safely wear such a stylish and beautiful thing.

    These coats have a straight cut, but the designers add different belts to these coats to make them look slim. No decorations for such coats are usually added. Is that in some models are a distinctive feature buttons and pockets. A coat without a collar emphasizes and shows all the beauty of a woman’s neck. Sometimes coats are sewn with short sleeves. This sleeve length emphasizes the beauty of women's hands and wrists.

    Many girls wonder what is best to wear a coat without a collar. If in doubt, whether to buy a coat without a collar or not, you should find out about it and make sure you need to purchase this beautiful, comfortable and versatile thing.

    Things that go with this coat:

    1. Turtleneck sweater. Under this coat you can wear a turtleneck with a collar or a sweater. But you need to accurately choose the color scheme of the image. Proper combination of colors will add elegance to the image.

    2. Dress. It can be straight cut, or with a flared skirt.

    3. Jeans, leggings or pants. There is nothing bad and not harmonious to wear them with such a coat.

    4. Blouse. Under such a coat you can wear a blouse both bright and one-colored, or with different patterns and patterns.

    5. Scarf or kerchief. An excellent option to complement a coat without a collar would be a plain scarf or kerchief. In addition, this accessory will provide protection from the cold. A scarf can be tied both on the neck and on the head. You can try to try on a shawl with such a coat.

    6. Knitted scarf on the neck. It can be short and bright, or, conversely, very long, with different patterns. Such an addition to the coat is a must in the coldest weather.

    7. Hat. Do not forget about hats. A hat, like nothing else, is suitable for such a coat.

    8. Long gloves. They are perfect for a coat with short sleeves.

    Shoes will be very easy to pick up to such a coat.You can wear ankle boots and shoes with heels, so shoes and flat shoes. Especially good coat will look with oxfords.

    You can choose a coat according to your figure, add accessories to it, choose the right clothes and shoes, and just conquer all with your impeccable taste!

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