• What we will wear in the spring of 2016: analyze the past fashion weeks

    As we have concluded with confidence, fashion trends have died, and now it is absolutely not necessary to follow someone’s invented hard style rules. And what then remains to us in the "dry residue" after the traditional seasonal shows at fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris? Several entertaining innovations on shoes and accessories, a few interesting ideas in a cut, and otherwise - the eternal repetition of the styles and prints in the form of the same "unfading" stripes or fringe that have already been tried by everyone (including inexpensive mass market brands). We have compiled our report on the results of the fashion week shows for the spring-summer 2016 season and were happy to understand that there will be no need to acquire many new products for the coming summer, but this does not mean that everything is so bad.

    Pajamas party continues

    Silk nightie dresses have already become an approved outfit for the red carpet - and even such home-made transparent ones (hint: they are usually worn by Rihanna), they are ashamed to wear them to a pajama party with friends.But Ivory nightshakes are not limited to, because there are also light house robes that function like coats (for them even came up with a special tag #robelife), which, out of love for comfort and silk-like materials, you want to tacitly approve now as clothes for the office .

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