• What will be fashionable in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season?

    Fashion does not stand still - she looks into the present and future. Designers have already taken care of new trends in clothing that will be in trend in the upcoming 2017-2018 fall-winter season. Consider several popular trends for the coming cold season.

    Key ideas

    Healthy naturalness, comfort, minimalism and discreet chic are in fashion. In the cold season, quiet colors and comfortable materials that warm well in the cold will be popular. However, this is not a reason to dress boring - you can create interesting combinations on your own if you add a little imagination to your experiments.

    To look beautiful and be at the peak of the fashion season, learn about current trends and trends. Five of the most trending things: everything about the fashion trends of the upcoming 2018 season in this article. You can find information on each of the trends that interest you, we also offer a general overview of the fashion trends autumn-winter 2017-2018:

    • Knitted products. You can choose smooth and thin products, clothes with large viscous and patterns (braids, plaits, weaving).Good look will be straight skirts that expand to the bottom, and knitted dresses with sleeves in the style of "bat".
    • Dresses from fabrics of dense invoices. Good minimalist products: good cut, no unnecessary decorative details, elegance and elegance.
    • Dense panty hoses with the invoice. They can be monophonic or have various bright prints: floral, geometric, abstract.
    • From outerwear it is preferable to pick up a coat. In the coming season, it is better to choose classic products in a large cage and with fur collars. Perhaps you will like and fit into the new fashionable wardrobe women's clothing from this catalog.
    • Dark gloss and metallic shade. Dresses, blouses and trousers made of shiny materials will look elegant and elegant. Such things can be combined with silk, velvet, fur and leather.
    • Fringe - popular among designers decor, which adorn clothes, shoes, bags and various accessories.
    • Velvet is a trend for slender girls, as visually it increases in width and adds volume. Many designers present velvet outfits in their collections: casual and festive dresses, pants, blouses, tracksuits and even outerwear.
    • Fur clothes - vests, sheepskin coats, fur coats, mostly in black or in tandem with white. Bright and stylish like saturated colors that are also in trend: green, mustard, wine, olive, terracotta.
    • Shoulder pads. Yes, they are back in fashion again! In the trend - the emphasis on the shoulders. In addition to shoulder pads, you can use ruffles, flounces, sleeves, lanterns.
    • Embroidery. In autumn and winter, interesting embroidery can decorate blouses, sweaters, dresses, and outerwear: jackets and coats.
    • Combinations in contrasts. In a fashion unusual combinations of textures: lace, chiffon, fur, leather, etc.

    What colors and prints will be in fashion?

    A wide palette of shades is in fashion: restrained tones, as well as bright, catchy and attractive to create bold images. Especially the following can be identified:

    • Green is the leader of the coming season in all its directions. Restrained green with an extra gray subtone and olive are the most popular. Such shades will look good with bright prints and in harmony with brown, black and golden hues.
    • Marsala - burgundy color with warm brown notes, great for sweaters, knitwear, evening dresses and accessories. It is better to wear it with cream, red and red flowers.
    • Yellowish brown looks very warm and uplifting. Interesting combinations can be obtained with red and green.
    • Gentle lilac actively came into vogue for cold seasons and is suitable for girls with a bright type of appearance. It will harmoniously look with white, blue and pink.
    • Rich blue is suitable for products made of any fabric. Looks elegant, bright and expensive. Great combinations can be created with black, red, brown and white.
    • Turquoise color is relevant for evening dresses, it is better to wear with pastel or dark colors.

    These are the main fashion trends of the coming autumn and winter. Following them, choose what is more suitable and corresponds to you personally, because fashion is changeable, and the style is constant!

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