• What you need to catch a hippo?

    Alina Alexandrova
    Alina Alexandrova
    February 5, 2013
    What you need to catch a hippo?

    "Oh, this is not an easy job to drag a hippo out of the swamp." This quote from the poetic tale "Phone" of the poet Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky is familiar to all of us since childhood. And how to catch a hippo in reality? Few people ask such a specific question, but still. At least from idle amusement, let us consider together the answers to the topic: what does it take to catch a hippopotamus?

    First of all, we stock tools. To catch a hippopotamus, we will need a net, tasty food for an animal or a bait, a trap (possible, but not necessary, if we do not want to injure the beast), a rope or chain, special equipment, a car (where you can load a hippopotamus) .

    What you need to catch the hippo yet? In addition to the above, for the hunt for this exotic fat man, we urgently need calm, clear weather and plenty of free time. Why do people catch hippos? In order to take them to the zoo, for example, or just as entertainment on a safari.

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