• What should you drink at different degrees of poisoning?

    Of course, with any kind of poisoning, qualified medical care is needed. The fact that you need to drink with poisoning and how to give the victim first aid before the arrival of doctors, as well as the features of the rehabilitation of patients after poisoning will be described below.

    What happens?

    To begin with, poisoning can be of different etiology: alcoholic, food, chemical, drug poisoning. In any of the cases, gastric lavage should be initially performed to help the body recover faster and to resist the toxic effects of the harmful substances that caused the poisoning.

    If the poisoning is associated with the consumption of poor-quality food, the stomach should be washed with a light solution of potassium permanganate. In case of poisoning with methyl alcohol, as a rule, the stomach is washed with diluted water with baking soda (2 tablespoons soda for 1 liquid). Sometimes a victim with a similar poisoning as a first aid is given to drink a glass of vodka,as the ethyl alcohol contained in it has the biochemical properties of the substitution of methyl alcohol.

    In the case of acid poisoning, it is recommended to ingest whipped egg whites, starch and milk diluted with water. The use of soda solution is strictly prohibited! In case of accidental ingestion of stomach liquids, you can drink egg yolks mixed with water in the following proportion: 6 yolks to 0.5 liters. If any caustic substances are the cause of the poisoning, it is impossible to induce vomiting, since movement along the esophagus of such substances injures its mucous membrane.

    After the implementation of the gastric lavage procedure, the patient should be urgently delivered to the toxicological department.

    After appropriate medical measures are taken, the victim is given a special, sparing diet. For some time the patient is advised to restrict himself to a diet consisting of savory and weak tea with breadcrumbs, fresh low-fat chicken broth and mashed potatoes. You can also eat various kinds of cereals in liquid form and in small quantities - buckwheat, semolina and rice.

    In any case, you should start with small portions of food. After one or two days of the rehabilitation period, it is allowed to include lean veal, perch or pike fillet, and chicken breast in the diet. Of course, all provocative products, such as citrus fruits, butter, milk, and alcohol, should be excluded from consumption for a certain time.

    How to prevent?

    When there was a complete recovery of the body after the poisoning occurred, it is worth thinking about the possible causes of it. Probably, poor-quality and stale products were eaten, or the rules of elementary hygiene were not observed, or the products were not processed properly.

    It should be remembered that raw products contain many dangerous bacteria that cause infection and intoxication of the body. Therefore, before eating vegetables, fruits, herbs must be thoroughly washed, and the meat of animals and poultry should be subjected to adequate heat treatment - fry or boil it until fully cooked.

    Do not forget to wash your hands before eating.

    For more hygienic cooking, chopping boards are distinguished by purpose: for meat and fish, bread and cheese, etc. After using the cutting board, it must be well washed and cleaned.

    The use of expired and doubtful foods is prohibited. Particular attention should be paid to a variety of canned food, in this case, first of all, we look at the storage conditions and shelf life, which will reduce the possible risks associated with this category of food.

    After complete rehabilitation of the victim of poisoning, you should start taking special tools to replenish the destroyed balance of necessary beneficial bacteria in the body. In modern pharmacies, there is a large variety of such drugs that regulate the work of the gastrointestinal tract and allow you to avoid dysbiosis: enterol, linex, lactobacterin, bifilong. More information about the treatment regimen and dosage can be found by reading the annotation of each of them.

    In addition, in accordance with the recommendations of doctors, you should additionally undergo a course of taking funds that contribute to the development of beneficial microflora: hilak forte, normase, lactulose. And to improve the process of digestion, mezim forte, festal, panzinorm will be indispensable, the course of which lasts for at least two or three weeks.

    Everyone needs to have knowledge, what to drink when poisoning and what first aid techniques will ease the condition of the victim and will help accelerate the recovery process.

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