• When is the?

    Alexander Duz
    Alexander Duz
    February 28, 2013
    When is the?

    The article scares many who are beginning to learn English. The speakers of Slavic languages ​​do not quite understand the purpose of this element, since in our speech such identifiers are not used. In this article we will consider all the main cases when the.

    So, first of all, remember that the determinative article is used with nouns, and with both countable and non-countable. The number also does not matter in this situation. That is, The put before nouns in both the plural and singular.

    Consider the main cases. The article is used:

    • With a familiar face or object, which is not the first time. For example, I see a dog - The dog is fat.
    • With nouns that are unique. For example, The moon is so beautiful. There is simply no other moon, this word is unique.
    • With the names of parts of the world: the West, the North and so on.
    • With adjectives in superlatives. For example, the smartest girl.
    • With ordinal numbers: the second dog is too fat.
    • In phrases that use the preposition of.For example, the tail of the dog is very long.
    • C nouns with a subordinate clause. For example, this is the rat that slept in the hat.

    Now you know when the article is put. It remains only to remember this simple information.

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