• When to cut your nails?

    Tatyana Getmanets
    Tatyana Getmanets
    December 26, 2012
    When to cut your nails?

    Human nails begin to develop and grow even in the womb. And a month before the baby is born, the baby’s nails are finally formed. When to cut the nails of a small child, the parents decide for themselves. The main thing is to do it painlessly and carefully. Many moms use in this case, so to speak, the "grandmother's" method - gently bite off the nails of the newborn with their teeth. Astrologers advise the baby not to cut his nails up to a year. But an adult should independently monitor the condition of his nails and keep them in order. Well-groomed nails are not only their beautiful appearance, but also human health.

    In India and ancient China, long nails were considered the most beautiful sign of appearance and spoke to others about the enviable position of a woman. But you and I are not Chinese, so you should systematically take care of your nails - feed them and cut them. Moreover, long nails interfere with work, typing on a computer, washing, cooking, and they just scratch and annoy.It is worth at least remembering how many expensive tights girls broke! And by the way, our clinging to all the nails was to blame for this.

    When it is better to cut the nails, we can tell and the heavenly bodies. This interesting information has reached us since the 16th century. The nails are energy catalysts, and near them there is a maximum of important points connecting with the internal and external organs of a person. Mages and astrologers say that the best day for nail clipping is Monday. On this day, the sadness and longing allegedly goes away, and cutting the nails fundamentally changes the rhythm of a person’s life. But the worst days for nail clipping - Friday and Sunday. In addition, you can do nail cutting, manicure and pedicure on the waning moon. Otherwise, those who do not listen to the lunar calendar may encounter trouble and misses.

    Of course, the person decides when to cut his nails. But there is one interesting fact that came to us from the past, and it is worth reading it. Nails, like hair, after cutting should be carefully removed and thrown out of sight. Why such a magical ritual? Simply, these parts of our body are wonderful material for pointing the evil eye and spoilage. And each of us has a couple of envious and detractors.

    At all times, clean and well-groomed nails were a sign of culture and good taste. Beautiful hands with a fresh manicure attract attention and it is by them that one can determine the age of a person and his state of mind.

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