• When to go to school?

    Today we will talk on a very interesting and relevant topic. The question of when to go to school is of concern to almost any parent whose child will soon be at the desk. And this question becomes even more exciting and difficult, when such a parent, using the example of a child of his friends or neighbors, sees how, after several months of attending school, a sluggish, apathetic and boring child turns out of a cheerful and inquisitive child. "Why could this happen? And will the same thing happen when I send my child to school?" The answer to these questions is very simple. Adults hurried to send the child to an educational institution. By what criteria can parents determine when a child is ready to go to school? Let's try to figure it out.

    Can read and write - it's time to give to school

    Before us is a very common, erroneous parental opinion. Science and life practice know a lot of examples of the fact that the skills of writing and reading were developed in children aged three and even two and a half years. And what,Would you like to sit at a desk at such a young age? Reading and writing skills are only manifestations of the mental development of children, and they cannot serve as criteria for the level of their mental and physical development, and even more so for their preparation for school.

    It is noteworthy that children who come to the first grade with a large store of knowledge (which also includes the ability to read and write) begin to experience a loss of interest in learning. They just stop developing, as they have to wait for their peers to catch up with what they have learned before school. But this does not mean that teaching a child reading and writing skills to school is not at all worth it. Experts highlight the prerequisites, the formation of which is necessary for mastering the skills of reading and writing:

    • possession of full speech sounds;
    • good vocabulary;
    • the ability to form grammatical systems (the design of sentences and the ability to form from one words, other words);
    • connected speech.

    In the event that you have fears that your child has accumulated too much knowledge, then give it to a specialized school or gymnasium.There, his abilities will be evaluated, and the level of training will be optimal so that your talented and ready-to-learn kid will not lose interest in learning.

    Whether to send a child to school from the age of six

    There is no definite answer to this question. But children's psychologists do not recommend going to such a step without prior consultation. Moreover, they are not advised to send a child to school at this age, if he spent most of his preschool period at home, alone with his family, without attending a children's educational institution.

    It is not necessary to give the child from six years old to school, if he is the only child raised in a large family. This also applies if the daily journey to school is too long, i.e. associated with early ups and late returns. Do not rush to an early visit to school if your child has a sister or brother.

    The best time when a child should cross the school threshold is considered to be the age of 6.5 - 7 years. And this age is chosen for a reason. The fact is that at this turn the child is ready to change playing activity for study, and the game for him ceases to be the main source of moral and mental development.

    At six they are still children.

    Very true parental remark.At the turn of the age of 6 and 7, the child, attending school, enters a training mode intended for seven-year-olds and children a little older. And in fact, he is a preschooler. He still has a great need for the game, although he is able to assimilate the material taught to him. At that age, when he wants to run, jump, he has to sit without moving for several lessons in a row, and the only movement he can make is a raised hand ...

    Six years is the age when children cannot fully control their behavior, and the school regime can put a heavy burden on their psycho-emotional development. Although everything is relative, and it is not necessary to determine the age when children go to school, just because the neighbor child was sent to school at six or at the age of eight. Everything is very individual!

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