• When to plant strawberries?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    February 22, 2013
    When to plant strawberries?

    Strawberry is a heat-loving and light-loving plant, which requires special conditions for its cultivation. After all, you want to get a harvest of juicy sweet berries. There are many varieties of strawberries, and there are those that can be planted on the open ground in the middle lane. In the southern regions, planting and caring for strawberries will be less of a concern, because this will contribute to the climate. For the northern regions, planting strawberries in the open field is not very suitable, therefore, it is grown there mainly in greenhouses.

    Terms and conditions of landing

    The time when planting strawberry seeds is best is considered to be winter. Namely, December - January. Strawberries are planted with seeds, and only when they germinate, they will be transplanted to open ground. The south of the planting region, the earlier it is time to plant the seeds. For the middle band, the best time is mid-January. For planting suitable garden soil, without impurities.

    Before the time comes when to plant strawberries, you can harvest the seeds yourself.To do this, in the middle of summer, when the berries are already ripening, the ripe ones need to cut the upper layer. There are seeds. It is necessary to arrange the cut parts in the sun and dry. Then, separate the seeds from the pulp and leave them in a dry place. Three days before planting strawberries, the seeds are placed in water. After you have filled the soil in the box for planting, it is better to pour it with water.

    It is better not to scatter the seeds randomly, but to arrange them at a distance of 7 to 10 cm. So the seedlings will grow better. After planting the seeds, the box with them is covered with a transparent film or glass. The best place for it will be the most lighted place, for example, near the window. During seed germination, care must be taken to ensure that the soil is not too dry. If you notice this, you need to spray it with a spray bottle. As soon as you notice that some seeds have germinated and sprouted, the glass or film must be removed. You can transplant, if desired, sprouting "bushes" seedlings in peat pots.

    Sometimes the time to plant strawberries depends on the variety. From the seeds grow the best varieties such as:

    • Bogota. Late variety of strawberries. Planted in late January, and transplanted seedlings on the open ground in the spring. Berries also appear in late summer.
    • Mutafavorit. A variety of medium ripening.Planting seeds in December - early January.
    • Sakhalin. This variety is considered universal, because planted seeds in any period from December to January. And the bushes begin to bear fruit from summer to late autumn.
    • Gourmand Early variety of strawberries. It is necessary to plant seeds in December, it is better at the beginning. And the harvest of berries can be harvested from the bushes in May, especially when planting seedlings in April. It is more suitable for the southern regions.

    There is also such a trick as planting strawberry seeds on snow. Soil is also poured into the landing box. The seeds are laid on top of the ground and they are poured with two to three centimeter snow. The snow will melt gradually, thereby moistening the ground.

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