• Where do truffles grow?

    Truffle is a variety of delicious mushrooms that grows underground at a depth of 10 to 30 centimeters. Truffle is one of the most expensive delicacies, the price depending on the variety can range from $ 800 to several thousand dollars per kilogram. Nevertheless, gourmets do not spare any money for dainty.

    This article will tell you how and where truffles grow and how you can find them.

    Variety of truffles

    The truffle has a pronounced mushroom taste with hints of walnuts and roasted seeds, and if you hold the mushroom in the water for a short time, it gets a slight taste of soy sauce.

    The color of the truffle can be black, white, gray and yellow - depending on the type and time of collection. The smallest truffle is about the size of a quail egg, the biggest one is about a large apple.

    The truffles that are harvested from October to January are white in color, while those that are “mined” from December to March are black. At the same time, truffles collected in the winter period are considered more tasty, and they are usually larger.

    Where to look?

    There are quite a few kinds of truffles, but the most famous are four - summer (or black Russian), winter, Italian (or Piedmont), black (or Perigord).

    The species determines the place where truffles grow. In general, all truffles grow in deciduous forests: black truffles can be found next to oak, beech or hornbeam, and Piedmontese - not far from birch, poplar, linden, mountain ash, elm and hawthorn.

    Summer truffle

    Deciduous forest is a necessary (though not the only) condition for the growth of truffles. In our country, for example, there is a huge amount of deciduous forests, but only summer-grade truffles grow in Russia and only in the region of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. In addition, summer truffle can be found in areas of Central Europe up to the south of Scandinavia.

    Winter truffle

    This variety of truffles is widespread in the forests of France, Italy and Switzerland, and you can also find this delicacy in Ukraine.

    Italian truffle

    Italian truffle, of course, grows in Italy, as the name implies, and its largest “deposits” are located in the Piedmont region. In addition, this type of truffle grows in Central Italy, Middle and Southern France, as well as in other areas of Southern Europe.

    Black truffle

    Black truffle can, again, be found in Italy and France, and also, in Spain.However, France for black truffles is richer than others - this delicacy can be found in almost any region of the country, but the south-west of the country is richest in this respect - Dordogne, Gironde, Law.

    Black truffle is specially cultivated in China.

    Use truffles

    Truffle is used in cooking due to its strong, rich flavor. This delicacy goes well with dishes with the so-called passive taste - meat, cheese, eggs, pasta.

    Mushrooms can both be cooked, fried and steamed, or served raw.

    In addition to exquisite taste and aroma, truffles are distinguished by a high content of vitamins of groups B, PP, C, B2, B1, as well as macro- and microelements - sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper.

    How to find?

    Of course, as you might have guessed, there are enough truffle hunters, because this product can be sold very profitably. However, truffles are not so easy to find. To search for these fungi, pigs or specially trained dogs are used, which are even fed pups with milk with a decoction of truffle.

    A clue in the search for truffles can be the so-called red fly, whose swarms swirl above the growing place of delicacy.

    How much truffle grows?

    It would seem that if a truffle is so expensive, then why waste time searching, which can not always succeed, can it be easier to grow? However, as you might have guessed, everything is also not simple here. First, the truffle is a very capricious mushroom and requires the most careful care, including expensive feeding. And, secondly, the first harvests should be expected no earlier than six years from now. In addition, you never know whether the harvest will be or not.

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