• Where does Santa Claus live?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    June 28, 2011
    Where does Santa Claus live?

    Santa Claus - the main character of the magical winter holiday of the New Year, as you know, comes to visit us only in winter. But he could not fall from the sky or form from the emptiness on this holiday ... No one, of course, doubts whether Santa Claus exists, and therefore he must have a house where he lives, receives letters from the children, ponders the gifts for them for a whole year. Since many people write to him, it means they know where Santa Claus lives.

    The magic house of Santa Claus

    No matter how surprising it may sound, now everyone can write a letter to Santa Claus and ask for one very dearest wish that will come true if you really really want to. Write down the address where Santa Claus lives: Velikiy Ustyug, index 162340, to Santa Claus.

    And now we will tell you more about the place where Santa Claus lives, about his house, what he does there and with whom he lives. In fact, Santa Claus does not live in the city of Veliky Ustyug itself, but 15 km away, but do not worry, the letter will reach! Who can confuse the address of Santa Claus! His beautiful manor is right on the riverbank.Sukhona in the pine forest. His house conveys all the traditions of Russian architecture, built of wood, painted patterns everywhere.

    Go inside the house where Santa Claus lives. As many as 13 rooms are in the manor! Why is there so much space for one grandfather, you ask? It turns out that his assistants live in the house. How many children need to congratulate Santa Claus, and he is only one. Therefore, he needs someone to help him disassemble the mail, pick up gifts.

    Let's return to the house where Santa Claus lives. In his tower are kept a variety of gifts that are sent to him from all over the world. For this, even a separate room. The grandfather's outfits for all occasions were collected in another room: a summer suit, a winter one, and for special occasions, and even a ski tracksuit.

    And in the mansions of Santa Claus there is a mysterious "room of desires." It is believed that in her dreams come true! Guests of Santa Claus, who have entered this room of desires, are told to close their eyes, and while the bells are ringing, one must have time to make a most cherished wish.

    Of course, in the house where Santa Claus lives, there is a bedroom. The magic feather (the grass-ant) helps the grandfather to preserve health.And when he goes to bed, he dreams of childhood desires. Another mysterious moment - every day, Santa Claus sleeps on different pillows intended for a certain day of the week.

    Where are the gifts for children in the house of Santa Claus? But he still has not revealed this most important secret to anyone, no matter who came to him in Veliky Ustyug.

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