• Where does the Snow Maiden live?

    When distributing the living space, the authorities thought and decided that she should live where she was born - in the glorious town of Kostroma. The choice fell on him, for that simple and compelling reason that the Snow Maiden was born in Kostroma, from the image created by the Russian writer and playwright N. Ostrovsky. Subsequently, on the stages of the most famous ballet theaters, the ballet of the same name was set to the music of P.I. Tchaikovsky. The screened play won the hearts of millions of children and adults.

    It was decided not to send a star to the forest, but to give it a palace in the very center of the city. Of course, the Snow Maiden's tower is more modest than that of Santa Claus, but then he, too, is older and more solid.

    Unlike the Grandfather Frost's Tower, where it tells more about the months, the fairytale heroes live in the Snow Maiden's temperament - Kikimora, Leshy, Domovoi, Kot Bayun. The gods of the ancient Slavs are interestingly presented. A lot of interesting and unexpected is waiting for the guests of the tower. Feel where the Snow Maiden is most comfortable in the Ice Room, where even drinks are served in ice cups and glasses.

    A fun performance diversifies the excursion around the Snow Maiden's house.And, of course, photos with the hostess of the tower and fairy-tale heroes, souvenirs.

    On a visit to the Snow Maiden you can come at any time of the year, but only winter can convey the whole feeling of fabulousness and reality at the same time.

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