• Where is the idle sensor?

    Victoria Dmitrieva
    Victoria Dmitrieva
    January 9, 2013
    Where is the idle sensor?

    It is pleasant to sit in a warm car when the car is standing and the engine is running smoothly and almost silently. For this, as a rule, the sensor is responsible for idling. When the harmony of work is broken, and the motor begins to stall without load, that's when you wonder where the idling sensor is, because most likely the reason is in it!

    The regulator or valve, this sensor is so properly called, its function is to regulate the idling speed of the car (when the car is standing without movement, the gear is not engaged, there is no load from the gas pedal). To ensure such uniform operation, air enters the engine, and the idling valve regulates this amount in the right amounts.

    Where is the engine idle sensor is easy to determine. It is located on the throttle node. You can find this unit through the duct (wide pipe after the air filter box), which is suitable for it and a number of different heating and ventilation pipes.The regulator is located on the throttle body. Attached to it with two screws, it looks like a small cylinder. Remove the regulator for visual inspection can be from under the hood. However, you must first disconnect the connector with wires from it and disconnect several ventilation tubes from the throttle assembly. Then you can reach the sensor mounting screws.

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