• Where to buy spare parts for special equipment?

    Guys, I urgently need your help! Our construction company needs to purchase spare parts for Komatsu special equipment in St. Petersburg. The supplier, with whom we have worked for more than 5 years, unfortunately went bankrupt. And we have deadlines for contracts. Found this company. Does anyone have experience with this company? In general, I will be glad to any advice.
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    We have been cooperating with the company SibNordService for 4 years. Special complaints were not. Defective parts came across a couple of times, but we were quickly replaced.
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    Oleg Fedorenko
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    Our company has an agreement with Interpart. Sometimes small problems happen, but usually they are all quickly solved. So I can recommend them safely.
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    Yeah, hard time is now for the development and promotion of business. We have orders and work, too, but there is no good profit! For pennies we work. And leaving work is dangerous.

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