• Where to celebrate the wedding?

    Anna Shuldeshova
    Anna Shuldeshova
    December 24, 2012
    Where to celebrate the wedding?

    A wedding is a happy event in the life of any person, at least in our days, because they no longer marry anyone forcibly. The organization of a wedding celebration is troublesome and difficult. If there is an opportunity, it should be entrusted to a specialized agency, which will be able to solve the priority question - where to celebrate the wedding. The registration procedure is traditionally held at the registry office or the Wedding Palace, but the venue for the festive banquet should be chosen depending on the preferences of the bride and groom, as well as the tastes and number of their guests.


    The most budgetary wedding can be celebrated at home, if the number of guests does not exceed fifteen people. Beautifully and festively decorated apartment or country house, as well as carefully prepared dishes will complement the holiday.

    If there is not enough space in the apartment, and there is no country house at all, then you can rent a cottage. Now there are specialized cottages where you can celebrate a wedding or other significant event.Only it is necessary to think about the delivery of guests outside the city and the subsequent transportation to their homes, as well as to specify the possibility of overnight stay. Places like a restaurant and a banquet hall are quite traditional. But even in the case of a holiday, they have their advantages - the professionals working there will help to develop the menu and organize a celebration.

    With a twist

    A steamship rented for several hours can be an excellent and atypical option. Time for the holiday will be strictly limited to the time of arrival of the ship in the bay, which will not allow guests to relax beyond measure. And the magnificent views from the river side will be remembered for a long time.

    Holding a wedding in a knight’s castle or palace can be held as a themed party or even a masquerade. In the invitations, you can specify a dress code - dresses, suits or accessories of a particular color or style. Themed dishes and contests, the atmosphere of the old times of the building itself will bring the necessary flavor to the celebration of the event.

    Like in the series

    Alternatively, you can celebrate a wedding in nature - a picnic in the forest or an event on the beach will be unforgettable. The bride in a bathing suit and veil, the bridegroom in swimming trunks with a boutonniere - the poet's dream.Just do not forget about the need to install a canopy - the vagaries of the weather can ruin any fun. Snacks and subsequent kebabs will allow guests who have an appetite to play on the air.

    Summing up, I must say that there are a lot of places for a wedding, it all depends on the imagination and the thickness of the wallet. What kind of bride did not dream of a wedding in the Maldives, but the cost of transporting guests round-trip, visas, hotel fees, passports, restaurants, etc. not every groom can stand it.

    The most important thing in planning a wedding is to start preparing in advance, which will ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises and, perhaps, at the same time will help determine where to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

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