• Where to complain to the employer?

    Anna Sivokon
    Anna Sivokon
    February 28, 2013
    Where to complain to the employer?

    Very often, there may be conflicts between the employer and the employee. The rights of workers may be violated. For example, an unscrupulous employer may:

    • delay wages;
    • refuse to pay sick leave;
    • overtime make work;
    • Do not let go on vacation.

    Thus, you have the full right to file a complaint with the employer. But who should complain about the employer? Not everyone, unfortunately, knows exactly where to complain. So, if you did not manage to agree peacefully with the employer, and you consider that your rights have been violated, then you need to contact the State Labor Inspectorate. It controls employers and identifies violations of labor laws. A check will be made on your application. Commission inspectors must understand the situation. So, you need to:

    • file a complaint with the State Labor Inspectorate. The complaint can be attributed personally or sent by mail. It is better to take it personally.In this case, the complaint must be submitted in 2 copies. One copy with a stamp will be stored at you, and the second will remain in the office. If you decide to file a complaint by mail, you need to do this with a return receipt. Need to keep a receipt. You will need it if it comes to court. Within one month the complaint should be considered;
    • Before you file a complaint, you need to know the exact name and address of the labor inspectorate. You also need to know the name, surname and patronymic of the head. Since it is necessary to write a complaint in his name;
    • Fully state your surname, first name and middle name in the application. And also provide information about the place of your work or study and about the place of residence;
    • state your own claims specifically. Point by point to the violations committed by the management. It is advisable to confirm this with the relevant documents;
    • You must also indicate that you are requesting an inspection on the facts you have stated.

    The information indicated in the statement was not disclosed. You have the right to ask for anonymity if the violations also concern a group of people. If the inspection, during an inspection, reveals very serious violations of labor legislation, then a statement is filed with the prosecutor's office

    Now you know where to complain to the employer.

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