• Where to find etheria?

    Igor Frolov
    Igor Frolov
    December 19, 2014
    Where to find etheria?

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    Where to find etheria?

    Aetheria is a rarely encountered blue glowing crystal with a strong magical aura. Long ago, it was discovered by the Dwemer miners in the Black Limit. Although he has strong magical properties, it is impossible to do anything without special tools. The only place where you can do anything with it is the Blacksmith Etheria in the Blatfort Ruins.

    The question of where to find the etheria will certainly arise when you complete the quest Lost in Centuries.

    Search etheria

    1. In the ruins of Arkntamza, you will meet the ghost of an adventurer Katria, who has been searching all her life for an ethereal forge. Read her diary and the book “The War of the Aethers”, which lie on the body of Katria on a cliff above the precipice.
    2. The diary says that you can get to the forge only with a special key. The key was divided into 4 parts. The first part is stored in Arkntam, on top of the ruins. There you will find the ethereal fragment.
    3. The next location is the Crossing of the Deep People. You will find the second fragment behind the Dwemer bridge behind the octahedral pedestal.
    4. The third fragment must be sought in the above-ground part of Mzulfta, in the so-called Dwemer’s pantry.
    5. The last fragment is in Raldbthar, near the entrance to the Black Limit.
    6. After that, you will need to get into the Blacksmith Etheria itself, in the ruins of Btalft. Find a sphere with an arrow. In the pedestal under it will be a special recess into which you need to insert all four fragments. An elevator will open before you.
    7. After you cope with all the enemies, you will need to examine the contents of the chests.

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