• Where you can not smoke

    From June 1, 2014 many smokers find it difficult to find a place to smoke. For example, it is not easy now for those traveling by rail. In long-distance trains and in the premises of bus stations, airports and railway stations, smoking is strictly prohibited. This also applies to river and sea ports. You can smoke in the duty-free area and on the street. But no closer than 15 meters from the entrance to all listed buildings. On the stopping platforms waiting for the train, smoking is also impossible.

    It is forbidden to smoke in homes. For smoking on the staircase and in the elevator of an apartment building relies a fine of from 500 to 1,500 rubles. With the consent of the residents, special premises for smokers may be allocated. They must be isolated from the common living area and equipped with a ventilation system.

    Smoking in hotels, hotels, hostels, hostels and other places of temporary residence is illegal. In the premises of hairdressing salons, cash desks, housing and communal services and other places of personal services smoking is also strictly prohibited.Restaurants, cafes, bars and other catering establishments are now forced to refuse this to their visitors. How to get away from the thoughts of a cigarette in public places and occupy yourself with useful things is written on the site a lot and interestingly.

    A year earlier, a ban on smoking was introduced in schools, universities and other educational institutions. The ban touched stadiums and other sports facilities. For a year now we can not smoke in theaters, cinemas, museums, art galleries.

    In hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums and dispensaries, smoking is prohibited. Smoking on the premises of state and local government bodies will not go unpunished. By agreement with the owner or landlord, you can allocate a separate smoking area for employees of business and business centers. It can be both outdoors and inside. In the latter case, it is necessary to equip it with ventilation.

    The new law prohibits smoking in children’s playgrounds, subway stations, and public transport stops. Smoking is also prohibited in other places where people are in large numbers - in parks, on beaches, markets, etc.It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the premises of various social services and in the territories of gas stations.

    Since June 2014, the entire list of prohibitions applies to hookah smoking. For smoking in the wrong place, you can pay a fine of 500 to 1,500 rubles. On the playground 2-3 thousand rubles. Violators of the law in buildings and premises have the right to fine health authorities, Rostransnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor and State Fire Supervision. For smoking on the street has the right to draw up a police officer.

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